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More Epic Publicity!

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nice find Lisa! Forwarding to nolo!
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I'd like to do a bit of editing, if you allow.

At the bottom is a list of links. Even though you linked -in the body of the article -to Epic and SkiDiva, they are not at the bottom with the others.

I know I was annoyed to see that Epic was not among them and had to go back to find it. Knowing how lazy people are, they won't skim back through to the middle of an article to click on the Epic or SD links.

Is it too late to place them all together for easy access?
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The links at the bottom were not my doing, but the editor's. I've learned from experience not to question what an editor does to the final product.
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Aha. Then all editors are not created equal.
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Even nice to the maggots too. That should go down like a wrinkles sock in day's end boots.

You're very generous, LM. I love it. I gotta try skilovers but now I'm hooked on:

I've been stuck in the mid-atlantic.:
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Hey! I actually got a nice thank-you email from someone from PMgear!
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Them maggots is alright. I'd love to ski with 'em but they'll leave my PSIA butt on the groomers, I'm such a gaper.
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And they'll want to steal that great TOQUE of yours!:
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Hey I know Im dumb since sjjjjjonston told me so and I believe him but can someone tell me why publicity is so good I mean is this junior high where everyones insecure and worried about being popular or is there something else going on that a dumby like me cant get huh?
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ram, it's a business, not just a website. Jeez. It's a money making venture like anything else.......even TGR makes money on stuff.

And if you believe you're dumb because someone else tells you that you are, well, then, you must be!

Are you pregnant? Your periods are missing!
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