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Snowing at Pajarito?

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Is it snowing in Los Alamos right now? Pajarito isn't very good at updating their report.
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It snowed in town on and off all day today and quite a lot in the afternoon. We got a good burst of snow late this evening that left an additional 4" on the ground. As of noon today PJ was reporting 11" of new since Monday. My guess is by the time this storm is all said and done there will be around 15" - 20" of new this week.

The skiing is great up there. The weekend looks like it will be classic bluebird conditions. If you come down this way I'm certain you won't be dissapointed. There will be no holiday weekend crowds- but I expect you already know that. PJ is really the place to be this weekend.
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Thanks K! I'll be there tomorrow on my fat tele skis. Sounds like just the place to hit some new snow and hide from the holiday weekend crowds.
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Sadly, I don't think I'll make it up until Saturday. Have you been there before?

One thing, don't freak out about the new Lab Checkpoint. The road now forces you through an imposing gated security check. The gaurds just wave you through. Needless to say you won't want to have any weapons etc. visible in your vehicle. :
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Thanks for the warning on the checkpoint. Homeland Security = our tax dollars at work. The only dangerous instrumentalities I generally travel with are my skis and beer, so hopefully we'll sail right through. I've always been amused at the way they seem to hide the area and don't have signs, like they don't want people to ski there, and now they've got guard stations.

Yeah, I've skied there a couple of times before. I don't think they even opened last year, but we skied there the year before and a couple years before that. Great little hill. It has a weird international flavor when you hear Chinese and Russian in the lift lines. Last time we were there I heard guys talking about lasers on the lodge deck, and they weren't talking about eye surgery. Unfortunately it looks like they didn't get hit as big as Santa Fe, which is where we'll be Saturday. Never been there before, but the new lift looks like some good steep glade skiing. Is that where the fire was?
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Did you do the Little Bird on Friday, Mudfoot? If so,how was it?
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Flying at the Little Bird

Yeah, the wife and I were in line for first chair with about 30 people, and after that we walked onto every chair. 11" new had accumulated while they were closed. It was a little wind effected in places, but mostly good untacked and crud skiing. I used my fat teles because with the short vertical I can almost keep up with my wife, and the runs are perfect for fast cruising because they all have that advanced intermediate pitch that allows you to rip without risk. Good bumps too. As usual, there was no one there and we skied non-stop for 5 hrs, so it was a lot of skiing bang for our buck.

Went to Ski Santa Fe for the first time the next day and switched to alpine gear. I was pleasently suprised at how good the terrain is. Some long bump runs, lots of steep nooks and crannies, and some nice tree skiing. They said you couldn't see the chair in front of you the day before because of the wind, so the top was scoured, but once you got a few turns down the snow was sweet in the 30" they'd had that week. Definitely going back there on a combo weekend to Taos. I think Santa Fe would have been fantastic with a local guide because the terrain is so varied and treed it was hard to tell where we were going sometimes, but that made for some sweet suprises.
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