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Relayer = by far the best album Yes ever recorded.

The Gates of Delirium - violent and chaotic middle movement, no typical Jon Anderson hippy stream of consciousness lyrics, the last movement ("Soon..") brings a tear to my eye. I'm man enough to admit it.

Sound Chaser - Insane. Enough said.

To Be Over - The most beautiful Steve Howe guitar solo ever.

Yeah Bill Bruford and Rick wakeman would have probably made it even better, but Relayer still kicks rump on Fragile or Close to the Edge.

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Plus Steve Howe looks remarkably similar to Elrond Halfelven in Lord of the Ring.
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Damn. Was it that good? I'll have to get it out of my attic and give it a listen after 30 years. Luckily I just bought a turntable.
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The part in "Sound Chaser" where the band starts playing faster and faster 'til it's all a blur and Steve Howe is playing those ultra high notes on the pedal steel freaks me right out!
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Hey there Jer I want to know what you think about King Crimson I mean the version with Bill Bruford and Adrian Belew and Tony Levin see I think there almost better than that old old grandpa Yes your talking about.
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I saw King Crimson with Bill Bruford live in, of all places, Portland, ME in 197?. They played the Lark's Tongues in Aspic album, with the violinist. It was July 4 and they held off playing for half an hour because idiots in the audience were setting off firecrackers. Robert Fripp endeared himself to the audience when they finally came on by saying, "So this is Maine." (Cheers.) "So this is where they set off firecrackers at concerts." (Silence.) About a third of the audience left before they finished - couldn't dig the music. On the same bill was Electric Light Orchestra, and my brother's band, Morning Sky!
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I love early period KC (Court, Wake, Lark's Tongue, Starless). Never really got into the 80's stuff. I'm a sucker for a good mellotron.
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