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Can't Make This Up!

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This is great...
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I've said it before. The earth changes, always. Climates change. Mountains change. Continents shift.

Next time I find a sea-shell in a cave outside Bozeman MT, I'll ask the world to please remember the last time SUV's changed the climate.

I'm a doomsdayer... climate change is beyond anything the human race can do to stop it. Sure they can try, I like clean air- Santiago sucks. But I understand that astronomical influences we have no understanding of have a history of changing the planet.
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If we really cared about saving the planet, we'd ban plastics. I just don't see that happening.
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Today's plastic filled landfills are tomorrow's oil fields!

Not only will we not eliminate plastics, we will wrap things in plastic, then take a bunch of those things and wrap them together in some bigger plastic...then maybe do that once more. And all this under the ruse of "sanitation." Ironic.
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