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Marker bindings RE-CALL!

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I found this Link I thought it might be helpful!
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Interesting, I see the potential for this situation to occur with the Tyrolia Railflex as well. The inner workings of their adjustment mech. is surprisingly flimsy IMO.
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Marker should just recall their entire line and call it a day. Let 'em make Cat-trax or something and maybe the phrase 'Markered out' will go away.
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Called Marker about a set of 7.2 bindings and they said that they check out if they have an ink dot on the bottom of the plate. They are saying that this recall is 3 years old and the problem has been fixed and the newer bindings have an ink dot on the plate. Something just doesn't seem right here as I find it funny that the problem affects only earlier bindings of the same model and not others. Is there a Marker rep in the house that can shed some light on this?
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Why do you fine it fun that only earlier bindings have a problem. That is what in house quality testing is about. If you find a problem you fix it, you just don't keep on makeing the same mistake. They have a recall, so take yours back and get them fixed. Gee I guess a car manufacture has never had a recall... Get over it. On top of all that, it's a demo binding.
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Your're right MC. I find it comforting that a company is willing to step up, admit, and correct it's mistakes. If they were re-calling new bindings but not older models, that would cause some concern, but this is nothing to worry about.
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BA-GAWK! Well you can just ...
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