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Thursday Plattekill Roll Call

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Powder Daize is on! I'll be there at the opening bell (unless I get there and wind has scoured the hill, in which case I'll head back to Belleayre and use my pass there).

I'll be in red and brown Patagonia jacket and beige pants, with black helmet and purple poles.
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Hey moguljunkie, I'm just off to pick up my new used Stockli Snakes from the shop where I had them adjusted for my boots. Discovered Plattekill a few weeks ago and love the place. If I leave Long Island at around 4 AM., do you think the roads up your way (Rte 28) will be OK, or am I crazy? I'm leaving for Snowbird/Alta on Sunday, but just can't wait.
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I'm hoping 28 is okay. I don't have AWD or snow tires. But I'm getting there!
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They're reporting 20 inches right now on the web site. I'm in.

Red-Tan-Grey jacket, Black Pants, Silver helmet
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Just got back from picking up the skis....and I'm packing. Just now checked their site - 29" and still coming down!

Me: short, all black clothes and helmet, Stockli Snakes, MRG sticker around my poles.
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29": I'm going to have to dig around for some ribbon to attach to my skis. I don't want to spend the better part of the day digging around for a wayward ski.

Hope to see you guys out there tomorrow.
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You guys are the spirit of skiing .Have a ball. Really 30 inches!
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I wish I could be there. Plattekill is hands down one of my favorite places to ski.

Make some turns on Blockbuster for me. I will wear my circa 1989 baby blue and neon pink "Blockbuster-ski hot or go home" t-shirt in your honor.
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I'll be there in my dreams but for those of you who are living the dream ... TRIP REPORTS PLEASE!
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Originally Posted by ts01 View Post
I'll be there in my dreams but for those of you who are living the dream ... TRIP REPORTS PLEASE!
Hunter got 26". Wednesday opening had about 8" at 8:15 and it came down all day, making the day better as it went, 90% snow with 10% tiny hail mixed in. At times, it was coming down so heavy, it was filling in our lines on the next run. A little heavy, but still great skiing. Thursday was a bluebird day, but windy. The wind kind of crusted most of the trails, making it tough skiing until it got broken up, but then it was great powder bumps. The wind also kept refreshing the east facing trails, covering them with light blown in powder.
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Well, I thought I could ski: then I encountered...


Never saw so much snow in all my life. I was supposed to meet some fellow bears, but if they saw me I don't blame them for avoiding at all. I should have had a snorkel, rather than skis, for my first attempt down blockbuster where I spent more time under the snow than on top.

All right, I was using my new Snakes that I bought to take to Alta on Sunday, and that might have been a mistake. They are twelve centimeters longer than what I am used too.

But, thanks to a lot of advice and tips from many nice people there, I did eventually make a little progress in powder skiing. At least I left without giving the skis away, and will take them to Utah.

All in all, it was perhaps the most memorable day of skiing for me in along time. It certainly brought back memories of being a rank beginner!

When I finally pulled my broken body out of bed today (I also found out how exhausting powder was, especially getting up) I found a powder alert email from Alta, and actually thought about hoping for a little less snow -

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Yes, Plattekill was great. They didn’t get nearly the 30 inches they said they did but it was still fantastic! Probably 150 to 200 skiers. Lots of snow, fresh lines in the woods all day. Blockbuster was great!

Didn’t see the other Bears.
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Didn't see you guys there. Got to the chair about forty-five seconds after they started loading, so I probably missed you if you were waiting there. I guess it's probably sacrilege to say this, but I only stayed a couple of hours before heading over to Belleayre. Personally, I just wasn't getting the euphoric feeling I was expecting trying to plow through the deep, heavy snow on Plattekill's not-incredibly-steep terrain. If I had had a pair of B Squads, I probably would have loved bombing the mountain, but it was a LOT of work making turns in that snow. Belleayre's more modest snowfall and steeper pitch at top was more to my liking. Here are some pics though from Plattekill:

PICS 1 and 2: First tracks down Plunge
PIC 3: My little slice of untracked on Blockbuster

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I thought it was really good. Sure, it wasn't bottomless light powder like you get in Alta, but what can you expect in the Catskills. The cuttup was actually more fun than the "powder" as it skied much like a top to bottom bump run. For whatever reason, Blockbuster to the triple side seemed significantly softer than the double side. The place really emptied out by 11:00. By 1:00, I was reduced from non-stop runs to stopping 3 or 4 times. Even with the stops, I was sometimes the only one on the hill.

Belleayre steeper than Plattekill? I always thought the other way around. Belleayre has perhaps a few more degrees for 200 vertical but Pkill is much more all business from top to bottom. I'm a big fan of both places - I just think of Pkill as more expert.

Oh, and I saw a bald eagle along the stream on rt 28.
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I'm rather relieved that you guys mention that this kind of powder was kind of heavy and hard to turn in. Perhaps I will hope for more snow in Utah for my first trip out west after all! Yes, I found it easier on the triple side, but just assumed it was the easier terrain and that by the time it opened I was catching on a bit.
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Long time listener, first time caller...

PLATTEKILL! Broke my cherry Thurs... I've been trying to go for almost 2 yrs since a buddy of mine told me about it but wanted to wait for a Powder Daize. It did not disappoint! That was the Catskills??? There were 200 people there at the most and many a time you'd look around and there wasn't another soul to be seen!!!

Really good to read that others thought it was tough snow... I agree it wasn't 30, but it was about 20-24in of a heavy snow that I would hesitate to call powder and a serious workout! I'm 32 and in pretty good shape, I could barely move today! My legs were shakin' and quakin' by 2:30!

All hail the grassroots Plattekill!
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Originally Posted by goldsbar View Post
Belleayre has perhaps a few more degrees for 200 vertical but Pkill is much more all business from top to bottom.
True, Plattekill doesn't level off the way Belleayre does. But the top part of Yahoo, short as it is, is more challenging than anything I skied at Plattekill Thursday (though it sounds like I should have stayed longer to enjoy Blockbuster once it got chopped up). Also, though it's not open yet (but begging to be poached), the top part of the new (I think) Tomahawk lift line trail at Belleayre looks really sweet.

As far as Plattekill being more expert than Belleayre, after spending two days at Mad River Glen last week, I don't think it is appropriate to use the word expert in the context of either mountain.

Now, don't get me wrong. Plattekill is a nice mountain. Real old school feel to it. Totally empty. But anyone looking for Vermont-style challenges will be disappointed.
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Originally Posted by ILikeSki View Post
Long time listener, first time caller...

Hey ILikeSki,

Welcome to Epic! Glad to hear you loved Plattekill. I think I would actually like it more on a non-powder day when Blockbuster is bumped up...or a powder day on top of those bumps (as you can tell, my moniker gives away my terrain preference).

If anyone out there can report back when Plattekill's trails start getting nice and bumpy, it would be much appreciated.
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