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Info For Olympic Goers (Attending Skiing Events)

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I received this notice and thought it might be valuable info for those of you attending the games in Utah...

Dear epicski.com

Snowbasin is hosting the mens and womens Downhill, Super G and Combined races at the upcoming 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

I'm emailing you because you may have Epicski members attending the Games in Salt Lake, and we have just in the last few days resolved Olympic security issues in a way that may be of interest to your members. Snowbasin is the only Olympic venue where visitors don't need an Olympic ticket to ski up to the edge of the course to watch the competition. You will, however, need to buy a lift ticket, and like other front-row spectators, you'll need to park in a designated lot, pass through a security checkpoint and ride a secure shuttle bus 20 minutes to Snowbasin.

Since the Olympic Stadium will be sealed on the days of training runs, only Snowbasin day skiers will be able to watch the fierce Austrian competition to make it from the Austrian National Team to the Austrian Olympic roster. Details are available at www.snowbasin.com

Except for a few seats for the Women's Combined, all the Stadium tickets for Snowbasin events have been sold out for months, but we just began offering lift tickets for sale online on January 22nd.
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Great! I'm in: I assumed all tickets were reserved for Enron executives, the current rate for opening ceremonies is $1200, I hear.
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Typical press release: not factually in error but deliberately misleading. For instance, only a small portion of the women's course is open to slope-side spectators, whether ticketed for the event or not.

See: http://www.skiracing.com/olympics/ne.../newsArticles/
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I believe the most recent data at snowbasin.com is more accurate than the information in the November 15 article from skiracing.com For example, the skiracing.com article says the security check will be at Snowbasin - when it actually will be a three remote locations: 8 and 15 miles away for stadium ticket holders and 8 miles away for day skiers. The snowbasin.com website has detailed maps of what parts of the downhill courses are visible from the Gondola, from the ski slopes and from the stadium. Stadium ticketholders will watch all but the last 15% of the race on the jumbotron. I'll take my chances as a day skier. The gondola open to day skiers has a spectacular view of about 75% of the Wildflower Downhill and about 50% of the Grizzly Downhill, including the Rendezvous Face and the finish line. This gondola passes right over the Wildflower Downhill - twice!. I may be crazy, but I'd rather pay $48 for a lift ticket and ski a full day after watching a race from several vantage points, rather than pay $95 (face value) or more for a seat in the stadium and spend 2 hours waiting for a bus to take me back 15 miles to my car.
Disclosure: I work for Snowbasin, I have access to both the stadium and the slopes, and I'm choosing to ski on race days.
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