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Where to from Chicago?

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Hi all,

Hope you can give me some suggestions here as my head is melted trying to decide. I have booked flights for myself and the OH from Dublin - Chicago, Dec 27th 2007 - 5th Jan 2008. I know it's an early booking but you know what flights can be like at that time of the year. There will also possibly be a group going along with us, however I didn't have enough patience to wait for everyone else to decide!

I'm just wondering where would be the best place for us to fly to from Chicago? Denver? Jackson Hole? Utah? We would be looking for a place for a mixed ability group from beginners to black diamond. We would also be looking for somewhere that has a good night life and a village atmosphere preferably not more than a couple of hours drive from the connecting airport. I'm veering towards Denver at the moment, but there are so many resorts to choose from I'm confused!: I guess price of ski passes/equipment hire would also be an issue, obviously the cheaper the better... We would probably be looking for Inn-type b&b accommodation.

We spent last xmas & the one before in Stowe and had a great time, but with the snow not being great this year (although we were lucky that it started snowing when we arrived), we are looking for somewhere a bit more snowsure this year.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

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SLC and stay in Park City
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Not the cheapest option, but certainly has everything you are looking for. Fly into Eagle, CO (EGE) and stay/ski in Vail, about 25 mins away. Plenty of skiing for varied abilities, great restaurants and nightlife. I always rent a car, but it is very easy to go without due to shuttle/bus system.
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Aspen has everything you want. Three direct flights daily from ORD and lots of connections thru either Denver or SLC. But like most big resorts at Christmas, it's going to be expensive!

Jackson, Vail and Steamboat all have nice villages with direct flights from ORD.
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I second Salt Lake and Park City. Great town, 30 minutes from airport, tons of snow at Snowbird, etc...
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Thanks for your suggestions.

Maybe I am too early to check out internal flights, I don't seem to be able to find many direct flights from Chicago to either Aspen, Vail or Utah? They all seem to be at least one stop? I know a lot of airlines here don't release short haul flights until 6 months before departure, so maybe it's the same in the US?

I've been searching expedia etc, but if anyone knows the airlines that fly directly from Chicago to any of these, maybe I could check it out directly with the airlines.

Thanks again
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Most airlines in the US will book 335 days out, so you should be able to find flights to SLC for your time frame. Many of the direct flights into resorts are subsidized by the respective resort associations. These usually get negotiated over the summer and end up getting loaded into the system late summer. You can check for March 07 to get an idea of the schedule. Prices will be higher now because of limited availability, all the cheap seats sold out long ago.

Direct Chicago (ORD) to
Aspen (ASE) - United
Vail (EGE) - United & American
Steamboat (HDN) - American
Jackson Hole (JAC) - American
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Cheers Shredhead - that will give me something to work with and I'll get a good idea of what fits best in our schedule as well. Thanks for the tip on the negotiation of pricing as well!
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Delta is 331 days

But the airlines can choose to "not release" seats for the SuperSaver (Delta) seats. You can, however, force them to put you on the waiting list for the Supersaver seats.

Flying direct is a big deal for us and you have alot of direct choices out of Chicago. Look for lodging to be 3-4x that of non-prime dates so get yourself mentally ready to stay in a place (not of your dreams) or pay up.

Good luck. We will secure both flights and lodging before the end of Feb for our 12/29 to 1/5 trip, so get busy.
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Hi Weogio,

Any tips on how you can 'force' the airlines to put you on waiting lists for the supersaver seats? I've never heard of that in Europe...

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United has non-stops Chicago to Vancouver, BC, so you can try Whistler. The two mountains have something for everyone, great ski school and plenty of apres-ski activities.
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Originally Posted by Nuts View Post
We would also be looking for somewhere that has a good night life and a village atmosphere preferably not more than a couple of hours drive from the connecting airport. I'm veering towards Denver at the moment
Consider staying in Park City, from Denver, Tahoe, Whistler(the best but farther), and Aspen(that would get me vote except for $$$).

Forget about downtownSLC, that has a big city atmosphere but is the place to go to save $$$ and get great skiing.(that's where I go!)Salt Lake resorts always have the most "dependable" skiing at any time of year.
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