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Angelfire opinions sought

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In two weeks, my wife and I are going to Taos for a week. On our previous visits, we have stayed at Taos Ski Valley. This time we are staying in the town of Taos. We've never been to Angelfire and I see it's about the same distance from Taos as TSV. Is it worth going there for one of our 5 days?
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If there is a good base, yes. In fact, I'd recommend going there on one of your first days. You might like it better then Taos and want to spend more days there.
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what kazooski said.

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I guess it's personal taste, but unless you have borders with you or are looking for more intermediate terrain, i respectfully disagree. on the other hand, the drive over there is pretty nice.

Heck with a full week, it might be good for the diversion. let us know what you think.
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If you primarily ski Porcupine, Bambi, the West Basin blue runs, and Kachina Bowl, go to AF and have a great time. The snow if good. However, if you primarily ski off the ridge at TSV, you will find AF boring except for maybe a warmup on your first day. It's all about fun and you will at plenty of it at both areas.
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Although I agree with much of earlier comments about AF, two of it's best points are that it has 2 high speed quads. Great for beginners and intermediates.

If you want variety and are not obsessed about steep and narrow, Sipapu is an inexpensive small area alternative and about the same drive distance as TSV or AF. Stop by the Inn, if you aren't already staying with us, and grab a Sipapu discount ticket to save a few $$.

All Taos area mountains have been well powdered for the weekend!
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