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Gonz, why do those guys always look the same? Is there a training camp for those fools?

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Lucky - I don't know, but they all seem to have found their fame (or is it infamy? ) at the following place:

Fredneck Training Grounds

moooo hoooo waaaaah hah hah hah hah

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I bet those diaper kids would be a good help as kids these days seem to be born with some technosavvy built into them.

Jane sent me a PM with a website for images but the site wouldn't open for me. I'll try again though since you axed me so nicely and done called me Mister.
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Apologies, I have a habit of leading most men astray.

as Gonzo suggested, try www.imagestation.com
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OK then. Another go. If this doesn't work someone please send me a PM to tell me how I make an image appear here without needing to link to another site to view it/them.

lets try this

There you go. dchan

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I like this one astro.
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hey, that chimp's not eatin' any bananas!
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Did ya fall, or is it just a bad case of dandruff?
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thanks Slider. Now, want to tune my ski for me?

Gonzo, I already threw them at my keeper.

That shot was just after my last run. I hurled myself into a big soft snowbank.
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I really know how to make an impression. Hey gonzo,this one's for you.
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slider -- nicely done!

chimp -- my 2d comment went unsaid... it was...

"he looks like Al Pacino's stand-in for Scarface II: Scarface Skis on His Snow"
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Jane , my compliments for that picture...
nothing more to say, i am speechless, ...such a cute... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thread Starter 
: You guys suck.. :

I can't believe that after more than 70 responses only a half dozen people actually posted a picture of themselves. I don't think anyone besides me posted any Bio data either.. Seriously guys, that's pretty lame. :
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well, try to smile, dont worry be happy !
neeedless to say this is the highest resemblance of myself i ve found on the web.
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Well I'm relatively new here and haven't had the chance to converse with many of you yet, but I'll go with the spirit.

Here's a picture of me and one of my future skiing partners....

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this photo is for the benefit of those lucky enough to go to Fernie next week, and for the rest of us, to make us jealous. This was in Feb 2000 - I am not sure what the guy behind me is doing but it looks suspicious


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Ok.. I figured this out.. this is at Park City a couple years ago.. notice the glorious Utah weather.. i'm the one on the pins...
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ummm am I doing something wrong ? all I see is a red cross and a message saying I'm not logged into picturecd ?
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I'll try again...

[img]http://communities.msn.com/_Secure/0KwC4GBMPeEV6vJ7*pbVijJ5vudSp*u11pt5odwULcSkEnUGqD HPh12x2kcY1pLL6oIUI3aPnewo/scott.jpg[/img]

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I think this time it worked - a heli on telemark gear at Squaw!

I changed it from picturecd.com to msn.
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My picture is in my bio.
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SCSA.....Did you ever win that Snowball fight with LeeRoy's 9 year old daughter?
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Ther's a lot more pictures on bigdumbair home page
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