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hydrogen wv said "some shop that's going to look at you and say 'Level 2' "
it is the responsibility of the skier to decide/choose what "level" skier they are the shop should not be choosing for them and as mentioned elsewhere (maybe by you) the 1/2/3 levels are not an indication of skiing ability but of äggressiveness/speed....
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Some shops will do a mount on "special" bindings for cash and no paperwork.
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waxman... I thought the issue at hand was a lvl 1/2/3 issue, and not an over-50 issue. But I feel it's the same deal.. If you mark Level 3 and 50+, they might set them similar to Level 2 standards...

I've never had to deal with the 50+ issue, seeing as i'm only 21. :P

Yuki... I'm not willing to pay the extra $500 for that option. Do you know of a shop that charges less for that option.. say.. $15?
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Yuki, A few bucks under the table? I didn't Know Tony Soprano owned a Ski Shop.
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Originally Posted by Utah49 View Post
Yuki, A few bucks under the table? I didn't Know Tony Soprano owned a Ski Shop.
Not sure about Sopranos but I think there was somebody named Cupolo who used to have a ski shop...
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We can arrange annythin ... you know ... a coupla simoleons and you know .... Tony gets to dance wid your sister.

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a combination of many factors are in play, but it is the consumer who supplies all the information ht/wt/age/skier type etc.
a long time ago in a galaxy far far away i worked at a busy metropolitan retail/rental shop and our best friend was the very accurate weigh scale on the floor and tape measure pinned to the wall....
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