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Dilemma: Mad River Glen or Sugarbush

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As any of you in the East know, it's been a tough year. You might also be aware that some of the VT resorts are expecting up to 2ft+ for the President's Day Weekend, the busiest weekend of the year many times. Due to the snow, we decided it would be a great time to hit up the River as none of us have been. My concern is that due to the snow, the weekend and the two lifts (one of which is a single) that we will miss out of this once-a-season pow day waiting in lines. Does anyone have experience with Mad River? Are the rumors true that lines are never a problem? Would we be safer heading to Sugarbush? Thoughts?
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Which days are you talking about? Saturday and Sunday? or thursday/friday which will be the truer powder days.
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Well even though you did not reply I will inform you nonetheless. The true powder days from this storm will be thursday and friday, not saturday and sunday. Regardless there will now be a significant base and the skiing will be outstanding either way. They will have like 5+ feet in the woods. As for lines I would say thursday and friday will have some lines because everyone will skip work to ski the pow. Saturday and Sunday will have SIGNIFICANT lines. Perhaps as long as 30 minutes for the single, no joke. If you want Mad River like terrain at the Bush you can hit Castelrock but I am told that line gets just as bad since its an old slow double. I can tell you this there are a few mountains that you can ski that are always empty, one of them is up north, Burke. The other one which we will be hitting to avoid this weekends crowds is in southern vermont. See if you can figure out which one it is. A part of me wants to ski Mad So badly on sunday because the woods will be amazing but the lines will be too much. If it was going the be crowded everywhere I would just as soon wait in mad's lines but there are a few mountains that nobody goes to.

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True Thurs/Friday would but I'm a weekend warrior so Saturday.

edit: just missed your post, Alfonse, thanks for the response.
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The other thing is - they are very close so you could conceivably ski both. Given a good amount of snow I'd probably go to MRG, although Castlerock is nice .
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I might be getting kind of old, but if I ski hard down the from the single (plenty of great terrain all the way) I kind of need the rest, and even look forward to a 30 min. plus wait. Never heard anyone grumble on that line either!
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I generally don't disagree with that. If you get out early and ski late 10 runs with that line of the single are doable and most people are jello by then.

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Do lessons at MRG get linecuts? Might be time for a "linecut private".
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My guess, the lines will be huge on Saturday. One hour. That can be tough to deal with. For me I can always use a break, but standing in line for an hour is no break.
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I'd go to Mad River.
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