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Not the GS or SL ski. This is the one that has a turn radius of 18..tip of 111/waist of 65.
Anyone know anything about these?
I really need a ski that will run in a straight line when I want it to. Fall line. i/e without it having to be kept on edge. Or so much functional tension to keep it together it is silly. Or a ski that gets nervous. I like rock solid stability even when not on edge.
I spend most of time on Salomon Lab 2V's that I took off the one piece make it a bit more user friendly..especially at lower I could bend the thing under the boot..and made up my own 2 piece plate set up. NOT easy on these skis..but it works well.
I tend to like to spend time at about 40 mph. With enough headroom for 50. Sometimes straight down PARTS of the fall line..most often GS style though..but not that wide a turn. The Lab's without the 1 piece plate..I can vary the turn shape better(WAAY better at slower speeds)..even at higher speeds..and bail out of a turn without very bad things happening. Actually without the plate you can carve them better under and over the turn radius too! at certain speeds. Only problem is that without the plate..they can flex at zero speed now under the boot. This can make for an "interesting" ride at slower speeds in grippy snow..really exposing the sidecut and flex of these. Hang on. These have absolute rock solid stability for what I want. And mighty grip..and carving capabilities at a lot of points. No kidding. Extremely impressive. I dunno who needs that plate. The plate has dampening in it when the ski flexes by the rubber bumpers at the end where it contacts the ski top sheet though . Who needs this much dampening. Be a man HAHA. Better men than me. I dunno how high the speed limit is either. Better men than me.
Anywho..I was sortta thinking about some other skis to play around with. Ya right. I have enough skis. Buy enough too. ALWAYS! need more skis!!! Maybe a bit tighter turn radius..maybe with the capabilites to tweak the turn radius a bit more..maybe at lower speeds..maybe carve a bit better at lower speeds. I saw these Heads just wonderrin'
I am 5 10 a fairly strong fit skier at 210 lbs..52..skied since I was 5..
The Heads are Lab's are 180. These would look good against my wall of skis HAHA TOO!

Hope you're all(Even enemies HAHA) having a GREAT SEASON!
Any thoughts would be appreciated guys/girls..
Thanks a lot! ..Arnold..