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Beaver Creek Question

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I'm going to be in BC for four days starting on Feb 26. Two questions. Where are the good demo shop(s) should I get the urge to try something new ? Any good pub recommendations ?
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Not sure about demo shops-but for pubs I like the Coyote (near the bottom escalator) and the Dusty Boot (good margs) accross from the ice skating rink. We finally broke the 50" mid mountain base mark (10" in 48 hours)-with more this afternoon/tonight

Have fun
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Coverage at BC is good- even in the steeper trees and in Stone Creek Chutes. I second the Coyote for some grub... and there's always BK down in Avon.
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Demo shops- Gorsuch, Christys and Beaver creek sports. Pub grub, hands down Dusty Boot. upper level over by the Hyatt above the liquor shop.
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My group will be there from the 25th-2nd...

Looking forward to a scotch at the Whiskey Elk..
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The demo shops listed above will cover everything. There's also a demo yurt by Spruce Saddle that is run by BC Sports.

The Dusty Boot has a 3 - 5PM short menu (ie burger, fries, draft beer) for $5. My fav pub is in Avon - Finnegan's Wake or Gore Range Brewery in Edwards if you have a car.

Had my best day of the season at the Beav today. The snow is great!
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Thanks everybody, I'm looking forward to it. Anybody in the area those days wishing to make some turns, PM me for contact info...
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