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Summit County Feb 20-25

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Am planning to be in CO Feb 20-23. I am coming by myself and would like to hook up with a few Bears for a couple turns. Days are flexible.
Copper, Loveland, A-Basin or other?
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Will be skiing Copper 22nd,23rd will pm you my cell. It would be Great to do some turns (Think Tucker Mt.) again!
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I might be able to sneak off for the Friday, 23rd (Copper?). Otherwise Mrs. Don and I will be skiing the weekend both 24th and 25th if you are still around. I'll stay tuned as the days approach.

Oh...could we be seeing Mr.Vert with the new sticks by then???
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Think Tucker?
Sounds good to me - now I'm all excited.

Don & Betsy,
It would be great if we could hook up Friday. I'll see what I can do about the weekend.

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garyskr, I'll be teaching Monday at Copper, guiding Tu/We. Let me know if you'd like to hook up after skiing... PM me if you'd like to be a guest of the OHG for one or both of those guide days...
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I'm working at Copper on the 22. Let me know if you need discount tics!
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I'll be driving up to Copper Wednesday skiing solo. I'll pm you Gary with my cell.
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Hope your trip in is going well. Betsy and I are stuck the remainder of the work week and will not be able to sneak out. Saturday we have a commitment here in town. Sunday we do plan to go up to Copper. PM if you are around as late as Sunday.

Good Skiing!
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