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AMC 76 vs. AC3

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Has anyone skied both the Fischer AMC 76 and the Volkl AC3 under similar conditions?
I am looking at both in a 170 for the east.
I demo'd an AC3 in a 163 this weekend and was impressed with it's versatility.
I'm curious how this compares to the AMC 76. My searches haven't found this direct comparison. I am looking for an all-mountain ski that can handle high speed groomers as well as late day crud in the east.
Previous searches seem to indicate that the Fischer has a definite speed limit while the Volkl does not. First hand feedback is appreciated.
Thank you.
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I have skied both and the Volkl is definitely the grip and stability winner while the the Fischer is lighter, more nimble and somewhat easier going.

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Mostly ditto as SierraJim, I would add that I found the 76 somewhat more versatile. It's surprisingly good in bumps and light to moderate chop/pow. OTOH, it can get knocked around in heavier crud, and it has a lower speed limit; the AC3 is a train.
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76 is definitely more versatile. Rips on hardpack - super stable at speed and great in soft snow. I've skied both and would choose the 76 for versatility.
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