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Has anyone seen the 08 stockli offerings yet ? - Page 2

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Scott Schmidt is never shown in catalogue or in Vegas as it is a for U.S and Canada ski only sold through the independent U.S. distributor and built to his specs.

There was no XXXL at show or in catalogue.

When I have time I'll add in the Snake.

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Here you'll find the new stoeckli catalogue (for europe I guess).

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Thanks for that post vilu!

BTW - I found it very interesting to see Salomon bindings pictured on the majority of the skis in the catalog. I guess Stockli had a falling out with Vist.
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Those are the first race skis I've seen marked for the new FIS regs. I'm interested to see what the other manufactures do.
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The Coral is definitely the best looking ski there. The Snake lineup always seems to have the best graphics. The tomatoes??? and the corn???, it's winter not summer . Thanks for the pics.
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I got on 1 Scott Schmidt today.... and zoomed around the carpet area. Luckily the only person who has the same size boots as me has a giant collection of Stocklis. (and a vid. of his skiing is currently being critiqued here, I hope Bushwacker told him!).
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Vilu, great intel. Thanks. Too bad they shook up the Stormrider line so much. My favorites continue to be the red/white/blue ones from 2005. The graphics on the '08 versions look straight out of Cabela's or Gander Mountain. Ugh! Reminds me of the flannel lining of my Sears sleeping bag when I was a kid. The race line looks sane and strong, however. Stocklis make me want to be a better man.
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I compared the shape of the new Laser SL to the actual one (which I own):
- actual = 116-63-100
- new = 120-66-100

This would mean, that the 07/08 ski in the front is even more shaped but less at the back. I wonder what impact this will have to the performance.

Next time I visit Stoeckli I will ask them and also about the difference between normal and FIS-version.

What's absolutely new in the race line is this more moderate "public" version from Laser GS. The shape of the FIS seems to be to strong for normal (not racing) users.
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Stormrider XXXL

Today I found a French spoken video about Stöckli collection 07/08 and they announce a Stormrider XXXL special for the US market. This may be the reason, that it isn't found in the catalogue.

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a few posts in here have confused me, specifically:

>>In the Stormrider line the DP continues unchanged, but the AT and XL are essentially gone although the XL will continue in name.<<


>> Stormrider XL Edition
08 116-75-102 foam
158-15.2m, 164-16.3m, 174-18.5m, 184-20.8m
07 same<<

Is the XL the same ski as last year but with different graphics? or a different ski with the same name?
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The Australian Stoekli importer advised me that the 2007/08 Stormrider XL has been stiffened slightly with an extra layer of titanal, making it closer in stiffness and performance to the orginal XL of a few years ago (BTW, I love my 2006/07 XL, which replaced my Volkl AC3's).

The Stormrider XXL is an awsome ski. I have a pair mounted with Fritschi Freerides as my BC/AT ski. In crud and ice they are bullet proof, going through anything without diflection. In fresh, absolutely magic, great amount of float, loves big cruisey GS turns at speed. Looking forward to trying this ski in real powder in Kashmir.
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thanks. I'm thinking of picking up some XL's, but I wasn't sure what the differences were (if any) between the 06/07 and 07/08.

(Also need to decide between the 174 and 184, but no rush)
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Last years XL's had a combined wood and syntetic core with two layers of titianal. This year it looks like they will just use the a syntetic core..
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For a ski labeled the "XXL" is sure has a skinny waist (80mm)!

I finally got out on a pair of Scot Schmidts in a 178 last season. That ski whupped my hiney something fierce.

I found I really had to ski the tips and lean over 'em to the point where it felt like I was going to somersault. That was the only way I could get them to be even remotely responsive.

They also chattered like the dickens on hardpack/ice.

I ended up taking them back to the shop I was demoing them from after 4-6 runs @ Heavenly and traded 'em for a pair of Blizzard Titan 9's, which I found much more nimble and versatile (especially on the icy stuff).

But if there's one thing I've learned in the past two seasons: each ski has it's own personality which will marry itself to some skiers and file for early divorce with others.

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dookey67, I'm sure thats how Stoeklis get their reputation as being bad-ass skis, skiers forgetting their egos and going for the biggest, meanest ski and getting their ass kicked. You should have tried an XL instead, as Noodler will vouch, an impressive ski.

The XXL is only 80mm at the waist, but has a very progressive flex. On hardpack it is bit of a beast compared to the XL, but in untracked and crud it is great, floating well above its weight. I'm 185cm and 86kg (approx 6' and 200 lbs) and ski the 178cm XXL. I wanted the 186cm, but the importer said it would kick me. I listened & I'm glad I did.
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There was a pair of the original XLs in a 174 around a few weeks ago here in Denver . They are brand new and the blue and red ones are the best by far . although not sure about the new XLs
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Any more info on the "XXXL" or the Scot Schmidt Pro model for 2008?
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The XXXL and the SS Pro are the same thing. Same ski as last year, there 'might be' an early introduction Schmidt ski coming out sometime around December.
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Whiteroom - do you have any more info about the "new" schmidt ski that you care to share? It sounds like it may be a 100mm ski? Any idea what the construction/flex will be? Softer than the previous SS, more like the current DP?
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