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Has anyone seen the 08 stockli offerings yet ?

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has anyone see the full stockli offering for next year yet ? I passed by the dealer only tent last week and saw one pair of skis that looked similar to the original XL offroad in color and a pair of skis that looked like the are next years SL skis . The sl Skis I was in the lift line and they look pretty cool .
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I've been hearing rumours of a really useful fat-waist ski called an XXL, but not sure if that's this year's ski or an upcoming one. This XXL apparently flexes wobbly like the race line, but it's nice and fat. Sounds perfect if it's true. I love the race line and their floppyness, but need a stormrider shape. but Stormies are too stiff and annoying. Combining the two might mean The Pefect Ski.
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They were on show at the trade demo last week. I did not get to ski them as I had not registered for the demo (and could not be bothered to do so) and was too busy trying the VIST skis as their rep was far more enthusiastic about instructors trying next season's skis. There is an XXL and it is a softer version of a Stormrider. There is also a BC Coral which looked quite aggressive. The SL/ GS and SC all have new top sheets and everyone I spoke to said they skied as well as usual. I am not sure if there are any changes to the internals.
The main anomoly for me is that they were mounted with non VIST bindings and a lot of the skis were therefore demoed without plates which has to change the way they ski. One has to conclude that with a proper plate (especially the SL/ GS and SC) they will have to ski even better.

Everyone I spoke to about the XXL said it skied well so it will be one to look forward to.
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Andrew, I agree with you about plates . I tried out the Laser Cross Pro last year with just a demo binding and it was good . My setup has the R17 Vist plate and its much better .
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ant, have you tried this year's TT?

Might be just what you're looking for, available already.
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Ant, by Stormriders which model do you mean? I have the DP Pro and it is very soft in the tip and tail but laterally very stiff. Floats well off piste but carves well on the piste on the way back to the car.
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I haven't demoed any Stormies in a few years. Got too annoyed by them last time! They won't turn at slow speed (I teach). But I LOVE the race line. Even the Slaloms are floppy now (I have the current SCs). But the shape is no good for all mountain. So race construction with Stormie shape would be The Ski. Sounds like others have had the same idea. If these skis are what they sound like, I'll be on a pair.
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agree about the stormies and not turning at low speed... though to be honest, i love speed

Was disappointed to hear that the xxl's were only 80ish underfoot... too similar to the xl for my mind
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All of you guys must try the new Cross series . I have only been on the cross Pro but it turns very easy . I hear the cross is even better . I know I will get grief for saying this but the cross Pros is easier to ski than the stormrider XL all day long - you can ski it slow or fast and it does not beat you up .
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I tried, really tried my best, to get as much info out of Stockli as I could. Last season they sent me their entire lineup with all of the tech specs. This season all I could get is the following:

Stormrider XL at 116-75-102 (probably the same as this season, but with a new topsheet)
Stormrider XXL at 122-80-108 (this is the new ski as seen in the SIA trade mag ads)
Stormrider XXXL at 122-89-113 (this is from this season's SS, but will supposedly be softened up a bit and get new graphics)

Note that the XL and the XXL pretty much have the same sidecut with the XXL being about 5-6mm wider all around. I think this is a good thing - I think the amount of sidecut on the XL is just perfect for me and getting a wider version of it is exciting.

If any of you have been following the TGR thread on Stockli 2008 there is a new Scot Schmidt in the works that will be around 100mm underfoot and stiff.
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Grumble. There's a lot of sidecut in that XXL. Normal Stormie shape with the SC build would be an insane, INSANE ski. You'd dominate the mountain.
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I saw the Stockli line in Vegas but just had to refer to the new catalogue to get information. Impossible to remember everything.

The Rotor continues unchanged but with new less fun topsheet. There is a new Rotor of matching radius at each size but 6mm narrower in every dimension. For those of you that haven't skied a Rotor I'd recommend it. Good carving ski but wide and easy. Lots of fun in soft pack bumps and steeps.

In the Stormrider line the DP continues unchanged, but the AT and XL are essentially gone although the XL will continue in name. The XXL is 80 mm waist ski with foam core like old AT. Sizes go from 162 to 186 and radius is from 15.3 to 20.7. The interesting thing is there are still four skis so there is now a 170 and a 178. The 170cm has slightly less radius than the old 174 and the 178cm slightly more.

The AT is gone and there is an XL in its place with more sidecut by substantially widening the tail. Means the old AT I liked so much is gone. Every size has approximately 13% less radius than matching size in old AT.

There is now a Stormrider L that is listed as only a medium to advanced ski with an even wider tail and of course less radius than the XL.

The Laser SC continues unchanged and of course the GS and SL are changed to comply with new rules. As a matter of fact there are regular and FIS models of each ski. But the SL has same dimensions in both with wider tip and midsection than last season so overall radius is increased very slightly.
The GS non-FIS has much more sidecut than last season and the 178 (longest length available) has a radius of only 18.2.

Spirits continue unchanged.

Scott Schmidts are never listed in the catalogue or shown at the show so I can't help there.

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Lou - I hate to bother you with this (even though I'm glad you have access to the Stockli info), but I'm finding it hard to follow your post.

Would you please re-post the Stockli lineup info in a format that shows the ski, its dimensions, and then lengths available with sidecut radius for each? I'm just a bit confused at the moment. TIA
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Give me a day or so and I'll list the offerings direct from the brochure.

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08 Stockli specifics

It seems my random musings are just to random. Imagine that. So here in precise order suitable to Stockli Swiss heritage and over 70 years of precise production and direct from the catalogue is Stockli's 08 line.

Identically shaped

08 120-66-100 foam core
SL 151-10.7m, 156-11.5m, 161-12.4m, 166-13.2m, 171-14.1m
SL FIS 156-11.5m, 166-13.2m

07 116-63-100
Difference is that FIS only comes in 156 and 166 while SL is available in in 151, 156, 161, 166 and 171. Of course there may be flex differences that I am not aware of. Skis are

08 GS 112-66-94 166, 172, 178 Wood core
166-15.6m, 172-16.9m, 178-18.2m
08 GS FIS 104-68-90 (180cm) 175, 180, 185, 190
175-23.0m, 180-23.0m, 185-27.0m, 190-27.0m
07 GS 105-66-88

Laser SC
08 114-63-95 foam core
156-12.2m, 163-13.5m, 170-14.8m, 177-16.1m
07 same

Laser Cross Pro
08 113-72-98 wood core
161-16.4m, 169-18.3m, 177-20.2m, 185-22.2m
07 same

Laser Cross
08 116-72-101 wood core
153-13.3m, 160-14.7m, 167-16.2m, 174-17.8m
07 same

Spirit Ed VII
08 115-68-98 foam core
149-12.0m, 157-13.5m, 165-15.0m
07 same

08 111-67-93 foam core
152-13.7m, 158-14.8m, 164-16.1m, 170-17.4m, 176-18.8m
07 same

Rotor 76, called rotor in 07
08 124-76-109 foam core
159-12.2m, 169-14.0m, 179-16.0m
07 same

Rotor 70 Edition new for 08
08 118-70-103 foam core
159-12.2m, 169-14.0m, 179-16.0m

Stormrider DP Pro
08 125-94-111 wood core
174-25.1m, 184-29.4m, 193-31.3m, 201-34.3m
07 same

Stormrider XXL new for 08
122-80-108 foam core
162-15.3m, 170-17.0m, 178-18.8m, 186-20.7m

Stormrider XL Edition
08 116-75-102 foam
158-15.2m, 164-16.3m, 174-18.5m, 184-20.8m
07 same

Stormrider L new for 08
116-76-106 wood core
162-14.0m, 170-16.0m, 178-18.0m

Stormrider AT -HISTORY
bow your heads
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Lou - you are the man! Thanks for taking the time to regurgitate the catalog specs here.
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I thought I should also point out to those "uninitiated" in Stockli construction that when Lou lists a ski as having a "foam" core it's actually Stockli's Isocore (sometimes shown as "synthetic" core) which includes a combination of materials including wood (I've drilled my XLs so I know there's wood and foam in there).
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Does it make any sense that the L is larger than the XL? Just a thought...
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^^^^ - OMG you're right Batman!

Lou - is this a typo? Is the L a wood core version of the XL now with a bit more tail width?
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This thread needs some pics

Here's some pics from the ISPO link I posted.
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And here's the new Stormrider XXL and the XL:
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So I was looking at what the Stormrider XXL (122-80-108) compares to.

Here's what I came up with:
Head I.M 82 (122-82-108)
Fischer Cold Heat (123-82-109)
Elan Magfire Magma (126-82-109)
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No mistakes with dimensions. L has more sidecut than XL
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No more Schmidt? I heard he switched to Dalbello for the Krypton, what ski is he skiing on now?
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It doesn't surprise me that there isn't any new Schmidt ski shown in the lineup yet (only rumors of a prototype).

Lou - your listing is missing the new XXXL (which is supposedly a rehashed version of this season's Scot Schmidt ski). Do you see that one in your catalog.

Also, where are all of the Snake series skis?
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Those things with the markings of a Coral Snake (very poisonous!) must be the Snake. Black and red and white bands.
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There are 3 different Snake models (as seen in the first two pics I posted). The first one is the Coral, but I can't seem to remember the names of the other two.
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Snake Pop and Snake Tomato, the SS returns the same the 'rumors' are more or less untrue, they need to upgrade the factory first. I doubt that will happen.
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There's something covered in corn cobs! maybe that's the Pop. The Tomato is evident in the pictures. Those swiss and their mad names.
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^^^^ Yeah, in those first two pics they have a 3rd ski next to each of the 3 pairs of Snake skis showing the ski's base graphics. Those are some of the craziest bases I've ever seen.
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