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Summit County Conditions

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I'm going to be in summit county (mainly copper) from feb 21-26. I know they're getting some snow now. Does anybody know what the forecast is for the week of the 19th. Also how are the conditions at copper in the bowls, and how are the groomers holding up. I know its been a tough couple of weeks for colorado and utah, but it looks like winter weather is returning.

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Coppers looking fine, few of us were there yesterday. Snow is in the forecast along with cold temps. Hope the snow continues into next week.
Will also be there 22nd-25th so if you want to do a run or ten let us know!
Sure would be nice if it snows Tues-Weds. next week to refresh the 3 day weekend
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I'll find out tomorrow. I will be in an all day on mountain instructor training class at Copper. I heard something about snow in the forecast.
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ohh thats good to hear. Thanks for the info.
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Copper's was pretty decent today. The main trails lower down were a little scraped off with ice underneath. The less traveled trails up high were really nice. It was clear and warm this morning but the snow rolled in around 1 PM and really started coming down around 3:30. I don't know how much is predicted with this system. Snow forecasting is pretty impossible in Colorado anyway. Three different weather systems meet here and who knows who will win. Snow patterns can vary widely in the mountains too.
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try this -- not that it is that accurate.

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Well most areas got around 8" overnight, some more. Looks like decent snow through Friday. Next week is supposed to bring another storm cycle next week. Things are looking pretty crappy if you like hard pack ice.
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i checked which said significant snowfall next week. I hope it's right!!! I'm done with hardpack and ready for some powder!!
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Well they were way off the mark for this week. We are getting almost triple the snow they were originally forecasting for this week. Hopefully that trend continues next week.
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it seems like colorado resorts picked up some snow this week. How are conditions looking foir mid to late next week. And if you have any recent pics please post them.

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Seems like I am post whorin' these pictures all over today. Not the resort but Colorado conditions yesterday.

ahhh perfect...
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It was quite warm yesterday at Copper, but it is snowing today! Coverage was pretty good, although Reso is starting to show the exposure and warmth.

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how much is this storm supposed to drop?
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Not much at all this Friday. Hopefully we get a lot of sun and wind, and the conditions suck.
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Windy and warm at Breck today. Conditions were pretty good though windblown and a few icy spots in predictable places. No crowds to speak of either.
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