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Are Eastern skiers the best????

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A few issues ago in Sking Magazine, there were several pages of pictures dedicated to NE resorts. They were describing the conditions in the NE from last year and commented under one of the pictures that "everyone knows Northeastern skiers are the best." (this many not word for word but the just of the comment is here.)

How many people agree with this statement?

(Let the flaming begin) [img]smile.gif[/img]
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HA! Shame on ya.

I suppose it depends on what you're skiing on.

Put a West Coaster on luminescent blue East Coast boiler plate & most would want to trade their mid-fats for a pair of ice skates...put an East Coaster up to his chest in Jackson Hole's backcountry powder & prepare for the yard sale.

I would imagine there are few who ski both w/ ease.
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I have heard arguments about Eastern versus Western skiers for years. One argument is the crappy ski conditions back east require better technique thus making Eastern skiers better. A different argument I've heard is the light powder and softer snow out west requires more finesse thus making Western skiers better. Personally, the only argument I've heard that made sense was a comment by an ex-US ski team member (I can't remember his name) who said if he grew up out west he never would have developed his technique because he would have been spending all his time enjoying the great skiing.
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We need a little flame symbol to add here.
Midwesterners are best. We have the ice too but we get more chances to correct our errors. It only takes a few minutes to get back to that bump, ice patch or gate that threw you last run. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I would suspect that you'll find more top-level skiers out west but that the overall skill level is higher in the east.

It should be noted that the possibility exists that i may be entirely full of crap.
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If you ask those skiers "out west" where they're from most of them are from east or mid-west.
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Almost all of my friends who travel out west want one of those 18" powder days when they arrive. The first thing they find when they get it is a lot of disappointment - they can't ski it worth crap (which means I ditch them for the day so I don't have to ski the groomers.)

I grew up skiing in the east/midwest and I'd have to admit it was ok practice. I'm a lot more comfortable skiing in the crud I think. But the one thing you don't get out east is an entire culture based around skiing. In the west each area has a ton more diehard locals than you'll find out east. Whether that's Salt Lake area, Summit Co., Tahoe, etc.

For me, I'd take an average day in the west before the best day in the east.
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the BEST skiers are those who can ski well ANYWHERE.
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East vs. West.....

Are Eastern skiers more accomplished at holding an edge on ice? Yes. Are Eastern skiers more accustomed to skiing in foul weather and nasty conditions? Yes. Are we this way because we are better skiers, no. We're just geographically challenged....

The only facts I truly believe in this "debate" are the following:

1. For the most part, Eastern skiers are less prone to be "fair weather skiers".
2. On average Western skiers get more snow, ski more vertical, have better weather and enjoy a true ski culture that is lacking out here...
3. Eastern skiers like Western resorts more than Western skiers like Eastern resorts.

Previously quoted in this thread:

For me, I'd take an average day in the west before the best day in the east.

4. Didn't ski much out East last winter did you?

That's all I know.
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Riddle me this...

Are East Coast Skiing Rappers better than West Coast Skiing Rappers? Hmmmmmm???
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BV:
For me, I'd take an average day in the west before the best day in the east.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Love it!
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the best what?

I grew up skiing the East and learned to carve on black & blue ice. Western snow makes every day Christmas morning. When folks out here say it's icy, I tell them "be thankful you aren't skiing in the East," because Western "ice" is just mild hardpack back East. As a general rule, I have yet to encounter any true ice out here, with the exception of morning conditions in the Spring, which can be very reefy and boilerplate... but all you have to do is wait for the sun to hammer the stuff and it's wonderful again.

I think that someone who learns good technique in the East -- especially in the tougher areas with steep, narrow, bumpy runs (MRG, Stowe) -- can come to the West and ski typical conditions with grace and speed. Powder is an entirely different universe and skiing it can be cruelly un-fun to one who knows only hard snow.

I think Eastern conditions can help you learn more precise edging control, but you certainly have to work at it. Eastern hop-skid mogul technique doesn't translate all that well to Western snow -- it's too much work and you tire quickly. But if you skied Eastern bumps by carving the troughs, you can translate the skills quite readily.

Who are better skiers? The ones who know how to listen to and talk to their skis, of course.
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Everyone knows the best skiers are from Texas.
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I think Gonzo sums it up about right. I think Western skiers are better overall skiers though. More used to skiing steeper terrain with longer runs at higher altitudes which tend to give them more stamina. I also think they better in wind blown slab and deep pow than most Eastern skiers. Eastern skiers are better on ice and hardpack only because we are accustomed to it. Given the choice, I would rather ski the West all the time.
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Eastern skiers doe have the edge on edge skiing out of need but as far as best skiers. It depends on what you are skiing. I know eastern skiers who can hold an edge like you wouldn't believe but put them into knee deep powder they are lost. Don't know what to do. Western skiers have it for the powder, steeps, and crud but the edge thing is not their strong point. Some folks are all around and great in any condition but then the have but in alot of snow miles in varied conditions and different parts of the world. So I believe it is relative.
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Pacific North West skiers are the best, because we can ski in 18 inchs of Cascade concrete with a 3 inch thick breakable frozen rain crust in zero visibility fog.
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It's all relative but I know alot of Eastern skiers who feel right at home in waist deep pow. Serious Eastern skiers can handle any conditions. Weekend warriors can't. Don't put all Eastern skiers in one pot. Heck, I know a guy who lives in Philadelphia who can rip the steep and deep, right J.W.

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Eastern skiers = better arguements.

Western skiers = better drinkers.

It is such a hassle having to travel for a decent night out.
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The best skiers are ones who learned to ski in the east and then polished their skills out west. We rule!!
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This is a silly argument. You can look at where World Cup and Freeskiing champions have been raised and trained . . . and draw any conclusion you want. The evidence is simply not there to support either side of the debate. I HAVE noticed that one side tends to *start* this argument more than the other -- perhaps having an ego that needs massaging? But I'll be damned if I'm even going to be suckered into saying what side! And the fact is, they shouldn't be so insecure as to be worried . . . since great skiers come from everywhere there is snow.
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The best skiers end up being ones that Take the time to learn to ski in every condition possible.

An east coaster that can't ski powder is just as bad as a west coaster that can't ski Ice.

I think east caosters that migrate wesward end up winning because there are no westcosters heading east.
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I've gotta go with Ozzy and Nord on this one... Eastern skiers may be more agrumentative and have better technique...but a Western skier can mob the Cascade Concrete all hopped up on Schmidt Ice
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From my own experience,I will agree with Todd. I have raced and taught with skiers from all over the world and it seems that the best skiers have a desire to be just that.
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And I know a guy from WNY that can rip the steep and deep with one arm tied behind his back, right J.W.

I'm dropping Chutes this year with JW.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mosh:

An east coaster that can't ski powder is just as bad as a west coaster that can't ski Ice.


Most west coast skiers don't want to ski when its 'icy' so they don't bother to learn to ski it. For me that's great because it means I have the mountain to myself when we get Rocky Mountain icy conditions (i.e. east coast packed powder).
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Utah skiers definition of ice: Snow that makes noise when you turn.

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Eastern vs western skiers - who knows - but eastern skiers ski tuning skills are far superior than western skiers tuning skills.

Western skiers don't tune their skis.
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I have a little different viewpoint here. I firmly believe the person on the mountain who is the "BEST" skier, is the person who is having the time of their life regardless of their abilities. With this in mind I think the western skiers have the edge. Optimal conditions do an awful lot to the mindset when one is skiing. -- I guess the exceptions are those Eastern skiers that have the ability to spend the day skiing on crud, and still be happy as a hog in a mudhole! :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ydnar:
Utah skiers definition of ice: Snow that makes noise when you turn.


Pacific Northwest skiers call it Loud Powder.
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Canadian View!
Historically speaking, the best downhillers grew up in Ontario, skiing at resorts with less than 300ft of vertical (Podborski, Brooker, Stemmle to name a few). Quebec grows some of the best freestylers, understandable because the French are generally a bit nutty. Who would want to attend race school in the west, when there is so much great terrain to ski.
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