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Immenant danger to edges

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So every time I sharpen the edges of my skis (Fischer), what seems like alot of shavings comes off.

Is there a danger of sharpening the skis too often and ruining the mental on the edges?

Also , Eventually, doesn't the edg run out of metal to be sharpened, do you need to replace the edges when that happens or just buy new skis?
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What are you using to sharpen your edges? They should be set with a good file set up and then maintained with stones that just polish the edge you set. Very little metal should be coming off . Those egdes are what you see. What you take off is gone and the ski only has so much to offer.

Search the filing and tuning posts and links you find with the above search engine.
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you should be using stones not a file...
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Originally Posted by 740weapon View Post
you should be using stones not a file...
Huh??? : Not use files?

Uh, no...not entirely correct there.

Filing is fine. BUT -- let the file do the work - the key is LIGHT pressure. It is NOT necessary to re-sharpen every time you ski however, but you will have to be the judge of that. Diamond files work fine also, and are available in fine grits for polishing and touch-ups. I'd probably save the files for the major tuning, and use diamond files in between.

FWIW - Fischer skis have very durable edges - I would hope you wear out the skis before the edges get used up...
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If you invest in a couple of diamond stones, your filing will become necessary only during special circumstances. After you shape your geometry, a few diamond swipes a day go a long way. I determine if my edges are sharp by how much of my fingernail they can scrape off. A nice white shaving falling from my fingernail is my preferred edge.

Buy 2 or 3 diamond stones of different grits. Starting with corse- swipe them just a few times until the sound of scraping goes away. Then switch stones to a finer grit and repeat.

However, in the past I had spent entire seasons filing with files almost 3 or 4 times a week, lightly, and never wore out an edge. back then, I didn't realize how much diamond stones actually cut, and now they are my routine in place of filing.

also, if you hit any little pebbles or rocks, those burrs on your edges are heat tempered. Meaning that they will damage your file. Swipe with a corse diamond before filing to break that hardened metal. (assuming you actually need to file.)

If you don't want to spend any money on diamonds right now, relax. Clean and easy swipes with your file will not highly deteriorate your edges, and filings are very common.
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skis do of course have a limited number of times you can file them so diamond stone as much as possible. However us east coasters do need to file at times as they can get pretty dinged up.

You should have enough edge for a lot of filings though, and possibly you might need to use a sidewall planer to remove some plastic so you can continue to file to your desired side bevel angle.

when i do have to file, I DO get ribbons of metal off the file. yes you start with light pressure, but after a few short overlapping passes, I move to 1/3 of the ski passes with more pressure, then eventually full length passes, and I WANT shavings to come off. That's the only way I know I'm really filing down to a new sharp edge. I only file a very few times a season however, and mostly use diamond stones as others have said.
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