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Help with 360's/Heli's/ect?

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I saw the thread on flat 360's on the ground and i can do those and have all of that down. I can also while riding on the flat snow and while going of jumps do 180s and land backwards. I'm a free/park skiier by the way. I definately ready to try a 360 off a jump. I'm just not sure on the technique to get it good and not kill my self the first time. I've been out for about 3 weeks now and still have another 2 to wait before I can go back out on the mountain. I got a concussion (landed on my face after a unexpected jump at about 35 mph). So I'm gonna be a little more prude and cautious on my first couple times back. I just wanna know what I should look for and do when it comes time for the big moment.

Thanks in advance
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there is a thread on 360's on the first page.
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Sorry, the idea of searching totally blew past my mind.
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he wants to do them in mid air...

my progression is way to long to type out...but number one tip is dont stop looking to your forward again.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
he wants to do them in mid air...
I know that. Threre are two thread on 3's, on snow & in air....:
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A 180 is a good start but it is very different from a 360 in one important way. Spinning a 180 you can spot your landing the entire time and a 360 requires you to be blind to your landing for a split second while your head twists around. Assuming you can comfortably air the jump in question and assuming you can recover from landings that are slightly off axis in any direction, a 360 just requires you to commit to turning your head all the way around and your body will pretty much do the rest.

I advise starting small but it may require some windup with your arms. When I was first learning, I built a tiny tiny tiny jump with a friend one day so that even if I did come down sideways, I didn't have the velocity to hurt myself.

Landing the first one is such a sweet feeling. I definitely remember the jump, trail, and mountain where I did my first heli.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
The link ssh has in the thread to the video of your 360 is difficult to access.
Here's the simple link to it
Nice one Phil
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