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Driving To Bend From SF...

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Has anybody done the drive from San Francisco Bay Area to Bend, Oregon?

If so, can you illuminate?

Also, have you done the drive from SF to Mt. Hood?

Looking for someplace with snow for the weekend (my passes in Tahoe are blacked out and our cabin rented).
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Dooky....Just head up the big road(I-5)till ya get to Weed then take 97 Northbound and before ya know it you'll be here. Bend. If ya need a place to stay or a ski pal. From Bend ya'll head North to Hood on 97/26 it's about 60 miles from here. Skiing was GREAT today, knee deep pow and sunshine. No lines 10-4. How's that for a Bear invite.
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We've done it several times from Marin in the past years and have a trip scheduled for later in March. It is about 7 to 7.5 hrs. plus stops for gas, food etc. But it us an easy drive. Just be aware that Hiighway 97 in Oregon north of Klamath Falls can be pretty barren, so fuel up appropriately.
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And stop in Redding at the Liquor Mart. Important part of the ritual.
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Originally Posted by newfydog View Post
And stop in Redding at the Liquor Mart. Important part of the ritual.
A stop at the Olive Pit in Corning (olive capital of the world) is good, also.

Personally, I recommend gassing up in Weed. You're 210 miles from Bend there. You're food options between Redding and Bend are limited so consider having a meal in Redding or packing along food. Once you get to Chemult (about 150 miles from Weed) you'll be hitting a small town every 17 miles where you can get drinks and snacks.
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