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great day skiing but....

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It's not too often that I post here, but I felt I just had to share the lasting memory of yesterdays skiing at Kirkwood....
Mountain was great, sun was out, temperatures in the 70s, snow was pretty good considering the weather, unfortunately the thing that really stuck out was one chairlift ride.
Early on on that ride I was watching a complete beginner pulling of extremely slow snowplough turns, thinking to myself why would a beginner be on a slope with only blues and blacks, when sudenly a fast moving skier skied right over the front of his skies causing the beginner to wipe out; What a pr*ck I thought to myself :
This however was nothing compared to about a minute later when a fast moving skier and a fast moving boarder (with his blind side to the skier) both decided to turn at the same time (not really either's fault - you could see it coming from the chair but they probably couldn't) The skier went flying about 20 feet before landing and bouncing a few times, the boarder somehow stayed upright, and here comes the best bit, turned round to the crumpled skier shouted "you a***hole" and carried on!!!! Everyone on the chair let the boarder know who was actually the a-hole. : : Fortunately the skier claimed to be alright, though he didn't get up for a while. Unbelievable!! I though stopping after a collision was mandatory even if you don't have the courtesey to stop anyway? :

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Identify oneself after a collision is one of the rules.
Of course, if you identify yourself to the other involved party and witnesses, you are stopped.
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Nice; here's my close one- Deer Valley on a Saterday can look like the chariot race from Ber- Hur. Some guy was doing a 30+ mph 11 down a steep icy section when he ran over my skis just in front of my toe-pieces. So close! He yelled "ya gotta look up before ya turn!"

after my initial four letter response I calmly informed him of the skiers responsibility code, which he'd never heard, exchanged are you OK's and went on our way. So. boarders by no means have a monoply in the dangerous jerk
department. Come to think of it, this was the only really close call I can remember in 10 years of skiing Utah- perhaps 'cause I've logged most of that time at Alta. Better skiers= fewer clueless lunitics.
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