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Do you ski better with or without...

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the company of others?

Does skiing with others ever induce a skiing self-consciousness. Does this affect your skiing?
Do you think you generally ski better when skiing alone, because you're thinking less about your form and how you are perceived?

Or do you think skiing with others improves your skiing, and/or is just the way you most enjoy skiing?

Is your skiing affected by the QUALITY of skiers with whom you're skiing?

Et cetera...
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I have been skiing with a group of 5-7 friends for many years now, and we all rant about how much it inspires us to better and sillier things. Definitely the camaraderie and fellowship of sessioning the mountain together makes us all ski better, and beyond ourselves much of the time as well. Mutual ego-boosting and bragging banter is very inspiring!

In fact what better time than to acknwledge those great men, now scattered between London and NZ:

Richie, Si, Dave, Philly, Andy, Stu, Gaz - I SALUTE YOU!!

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Hey, when I ski with SCSA I rip!!!!
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I get inspiration to "ski better" when skiing with others.

I also find that the internal reminder to "ski well, look good" helps.

Skiing alone leaves me with technique. Skiing with others is FUN!

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Quote from Rock:

"In fact what better time than to acknwledge those great men, now scattered between London and NZ:

Richie, Si, Dave, Philly, Andy, Stu, Gaz - I SALUTE YOU!!"

That is beautiful man, I may weep.

I too have been skiing with a great bunch of guys for the last 6 - 7 years and I agree that we spur each other on to go faster, bigger and better.

There should never be any question of self consciousness in skiing. Are you skiing for others or for yourself.

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As was mentioned above - skiing with others pushes you to do new things, which in turn improves your overall skills. I can think of dozens of lines I would never have skied had not one of my buddies egged me on. The quality of who you are skiing with is a big factor though - if I ski with a certain group of my friends ("The Gapers") it does nothing for me. No one is there to push me to try anything different. However, it probably helps their skiing/riding as I push them. Ideally you ski with a group at or just above your level so you all benefit from each other. Peer pressure in these instances can be a good thing - it helps with the confidence aspect of skiing.
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double edge sword here. I normally ski better with others cause I (here comes the ego) want them to know I rip. I have buddies that I have a tough time keeping up with (not in ability but shape wise, they ski everyday and I'm a desk jockey these days)
But on occasion I have flailed miserably when my mental ego of being a good skier has gotten the better of me and I end up being completely off.

But 98% of the time I ski better with people around. If I am in a place that no one can see me, I can get lazy and ski like a pig.
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There are two people who I have skied / still ski with sometimes that I ski better with than anyone else. We push each other, push our limits and try crazier things when I ski with these guys. They have the same love for skiing that I do and it shows in the big smiles on our faces after we have a sweet run or do something cool. Other than when I ski with them, I'm probably technically better alone, because I think more about what I'm doing. It's different, when I ski with those guys we just go out and rip, when I ski by myself I'm always thinking to myself about what's happening with my skis, body, etc..
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I don't know about skiing better, but it sure is A LOT more fun skiing with friends.

When I ski with my 23 & 26 year old boys, they REALLY push me hard. Because of their advanced skill level, they force me to ski more difficult terrain than I might otherwise, more aggressively and at a faster clip! Off course I have to try and keep up, can't have them calling the old man a whus!
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My fondest ski memories are skiing with a pack of guys in Switzerland and Austria a looooong time ago. We ripped it up. They went where I would have been too afraid to go. I was just a kid on vacation with my parents, but they let me tag along and it was a blast. This was a one week a year thing for a couple of years. Great times.

Now, honestly, I prefer to ski alone. I get to do this about 40% of the time. These runs are always the highlight of the day. I get to really concentrate and really work. I queue up a song or video in my head and just let it go. I don't have to worry about anyone else. More turns, more energy, more speed!

The other 60% I'm with my husband on the blue runs. He's game to go anywhere I go, but he's still learning the basics. One day, he'll be ripping past me, though. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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There are three or four instructors who I usually free ski with ..... we are a bit critical but mostly support each other and it's usually fun.

When I am alone sometimes I can just do "the dance" and totally relax. But, sometimes when I'm alone I miss having them around. :

Occasionally in a clinic if I miss a concept I've been know to fall apart as if held together with bubble gum, rubber bands and cheap glue ..... [img]redface.gif[/img]
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I must ski better alone.

I base that on the fact that when I ski alone, I think I'm doing well, but when I ski with others, they make me look bad, and seem to point out a lot of faults. Oh, and if they have a video camera, they back up their comments with video footage showing me ski badly.

I reckon if there was a world championship for thinking you ski well, I would come second.

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I used to ski all the time solo and I skied mostly bumps.

Then my friends took up boarding and got very good and tempted me into trees and to look for deeper, wilder snow. I do not ski bumps with them.

Then there is another friend who has taken up skiing again after a long time off. He's an intermediate skier. we can spend the day together and I'm fine, I get my jollies. But we'll do easier stuff in general though I do take him to wilder terrain. And I may leave him for a bump run or two then hook up again.

Then there are the days I ski alone. I think I need this time by myself. I'll cruise all over the mtn and may hit more bump terrain than with those others. I like not being responsible for anyone and vice versa. I may even turn it down and cruise and simply hang out with my thoughts and the trees and mtns.

I do think skiing with my board buddies has made me a better, more adventurous skier and the new ski designs have gone hand in hand with that: wider skis to handle funkier ssnow.
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better with

I need someone to nag me about my bad habits for the first couple runs so I can get my act together sooner and then ski great the rest of the day. It's kind of a ritual now.
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i just started skiing this season and i've always gone with friends who are better skiers than i am. i find that with them there i can always get a pointer or two and they do critique my skiing too, sometimes for the better sometimes for worse.. but i find that as a new guy; having someones eye on you really helps with some of those times when i'm unsure of what i did and what i should've done.
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I ski my best in a private lesson or by myself. The problem is that means very few people see me ski decently!
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