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Dick Pound(ed)

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excerpt from NY Times

February 12, 2007

Ethics Rebuke for Doping Chief Reignites a Feud With Armstrong


Lance Armstrong declared it a “major victory” yesterday that the International Olympic Committee officially scolded Dick Pound, chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency, for comments that might have damaged Armstrong’s reputation.

In a decision dated Feb. 2, the I.O.C. Ethics Commission recommended that Pound had “the obligation to exercise greater prudence consistent with the Olympic spirit when making public pronouncements that may affect the reputation of others.” Pound is also an I.O.C. member.

“It’s not common that the I.O.C. comes out and issues a reprimand or a warning about one of their members at all,” Armstrong said in a telephone call yesterday from New York, where he was to tape an appearance on the Comedy Central show “The Colbert Report” this week. “This is as close to a censure as it could get.”

The decision was yet another milestone in the public shouting match between Armstrong and Pound, who have been at odds for several years. This time, the I.O.C. stepped between them as a result of a complaint Armstrong filed with its ethics commission in 2005.
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team slipstream

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Dick pound is a ignorant as he is arrogant and self-serving. He, like many of the euro doping agencies, want to nail an american cyclist, so they can make a name for themselves.

Most of the pro level sports are dirty. I know some Div 3 cyclists, they will be stuck there or in low div 2 teams, beacuse they choose not to dope.
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Dick H..d, I mean Pounds is just looking for some substance for his new book. Without nailing Lance for something. His book will be a flop!
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