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Demo'ing Equip. at Boyne Mountain

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Hello, Everyone.

I'm heading up to ski at Boyne Mountaiin in Northern Michigan over President's Day Weekend. Does anyone know where I can demo. some skis while up there? I want to ride on some Volkls and Dynastars in particular.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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The Boyne Country Sports shop at the mountain has demo skis you can try for a fee that can be applied to a purchase. I'd expect them to have a choice of Volkls, Dynastars and others. They didn't get any K2 demo skis this season because of some sort of mixup. Where are you coming from?
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I am travelling from Richmond, IN on Thursday night with my family. We are going to ski Fri-Mon. morning. My two sons will be in ski school Fri. thru Sun. We can't wait!
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Should I call ahead? Can you reserve the skis? I'll bet its going to be crowded this weekend.

And actually we are staying thru Tuesday.

Thanks for the recommendation. I appreciate it.


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I don't believe you can "reserve" demo skis. I think you pay your $50 and get to pick something to ski on. You get to go back in all day to exchange for other skis after you've determined how the ones you're using perform for you. I'm pretty sure that while they usually have a choice of lengths in a given model, it won't be the full range and there may be some they only have one or two lengths. I'm also fairly certain that on a busy weekend, they'd want you to be doing the exchanging every couple of hours rather than tie up a particular model and length for the day. If you're going to be there to ski Friday and Tuesday, those are the days I'd choose to demo. Both will be less busy than Saturday through Monday. However, next week is a vacation week for a lot of Michigan schools, so they're expecting good crowds all week.
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If you really want to demo one ski all weekend long you will need to connect with a local shop, either in your town or somewhere up north. They can get you a demo for a long period of time but it will cost you.

The suggestion Kneale posted will give you the optimum demo time because you will have a chance to compare and switch.

Occasionally you will find a demo tent for a specific ski rep, with free demos, but it won't likely happen on a holiday weekend because they don't like the abuse their equipment gets with holiday crowds.

Good luck and report back your demo results.
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If you don't find what you want to demo at Boyne, head a little farther north to Nub's Nob in Petoskey. They have a huge demo fleet that is kept well tuned (most of the time : ). Their list of demos for this year is here:
They give you an unlimited number of ski changes and you can ski right up to the door.
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If you opt for the Nubs test center, and if Traverse City is any where in your pathway to skiing, stop in at Don Orr Ski Haus and pick up a demo day voucher. It'll cut your demo fee in half.
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Doh! (smacking forehead!) Thanks Kneale. I totally forgot about that when I did my demo there.
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