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Boot Fitment Question

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I posted a question for Jeff, but I am sure there are other people who could help as well.

I have a question about my boots and why they feel very different before and after lunch during the day.

BG Info: male, level 7 or 8, 195lbs, skis are Atomic Metron B5's, boots are Salomon X-Wave 10's. Been told by some random "boot fitters" that I have a very wide foot and a collapsing arch. I have an after market foot bed, but not custom. Also have a pair of wedges under the heels because my foot used to come up off the bottom.

My problem is that my boots feel like they vary in volume a lot during the day. In the morning, they are very tight (even when opened and cause minor discomfort) and when closed they feel too tight and give me some discomfort. I open them up between every run because otherwise it hurts too much to keep them tightened. If I don't keep them so tight then my foot comes up off the bottom on hard runs and they are too loose.

Then we usually do lunch and I take them off for about 20-30 min.

When I put them on after lunch, they feel like they grew a little in size and are not not tight at all when opened. Then I close them up and they get tight enough, but no more discomfort at all. I mean none, it's like they were molded onto my foot! They are also not too loose so somehow they fit great after lunch. This happens every day and I can't figure out why. I thought it might have to do with the foam compressing and such, but it just makes no sense to me.

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A good bootfitter can add some extra material to the liner around the heel to help them stay in place. I have brand new boots and only have to pop the buckles on the first 2-3 runs of the day after that I can leave them buckled even to walk without pain. You really need to see a bootfitter, you should not have to cut off your circulation to keep your foot in place. It could be possible, that your boots are the wrong size and/or shape for your foot.

When I had my x-waves, this is what I had to do: Ski 2-3 runs (popping buckles at the lift), go inside, take my boots off, rub my feet out then put my boots back on. After that, I was good the rest of the day. It turns out, that these boots were actually 1 size too big, not to mention the wrong shape for my foot. I have an extra wide forefoot, high instep & wide calf. Now I have a size smaller and custom footbeds and very happy feet.

Note: Custom footbeds require multiple trips to the bootfitter to get them just right and very detailed notes by the wearer of where the problem areas are.
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Different skiers physiology affect boot fit. It is difficult to be certain what is causing your problem. It sounds as if your feet swell somewhat and then swelling reduces as the day goes on. I admit I don't know what causes it. It is possible a trip to the doc may at least ehlp you understand the problem. If indeed swelling is the cause.

Also boots pack as the day progresses and definitely get looser. Different skiers have different tolerance for pressure. Also it may simply be a single pressure spot cutting off blood supply and your job is to try and determine if there is a pattern to your pain, other than morning/afternoon.

I would remove the footbeds and see what happens. Non-custom beds may be causing the problem due to increased arch pressure caused by misalignment of footbed arch and your arch.

Finally, custom footbeds made by a competent fitter absolutely do not require multiple trips and really are what most skiers should be using if they are going to use a footbed.
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Forgot! Adding material to hold your foot down will probably only make your foot pain worse.
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I second both resopnses. Individual A&P has alot to do with how we feel in our equipment. Because of the nature of the info provided, we can only speculate as to the cause of the "pressure differences".
Of course, our age can play a large factor in how our bodies react to exercise. Here is a hypothetical. As we age, our average max HR decreases. However, an increased heart rate tends to move our blood more effectively- so if you have slow lower extremity circulation in the AM then it may be plausible that your feet are bigger in the morning...in the PM with a higher average HR and additional compression of your feet in boots could theoreticaly, cause your feet to shrink- in volume at least.
There are too many pieces of the puzzle missing so any responce is pure speculation.
My $0.02.
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Are your boots cold when you first put them on? Left in the trunk on the way to the hill or carried to the lodge and then put on?

Plastics tend to be stiffer in the cold and become more pliable as they warm up. Feet do a slow job of warming cold boots.

After a morning skiing and lunch in a heated lodge your boots are likely softer. Once warm, your feet can often manage to keep them warm. Depending on the boot brand and model, there is a lot of variability in how boots respond to changes in temps. This can affect fit. Just a thought.

If you don't put your boots on warm, try it and see if it makes a difference.
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vpr80..See a recommended bootfitter to check sizing and shaping of the boot. As you ski the boot during the day, the polyurethane foam does compress with heat/pressure/moisture and will feel bigger. Also, the constant pressure of the tight boots forces fluid out of the foot and will slightly loosten the boot,

Note to Boy Scout Mom...Custom footbeds should not need multiple alterations to be right. I would check the technician molding the footbed
to see if he/she "missed" something.
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thanks for all the tips guys....i guess i will try to see a bootfitter if I can but i am just very skeptical of them because i never get the same answer twice and each one has their own theories on everything.
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Here's a hypothesis: if your boots are too large your foot will slip forward and feel cramped. If your foot were to swell during the day the boot might no longer be too large, so your foot may stay in the proper place, thus making the boot feel better and paradoxically, larger.
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