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My broken back

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Went to back splecialist today, L1 fracture confirmed. Herniated disk appears to be an old injury.

I have to wear a body brace for 8-10 weeks to prevent the whole vertebrae from collapsing leaving me hunched over for life. Tonight I sheath the GS skis for a long rest.

Oh and I am now a few millimeters shorter to boot!
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sorry to hear.

take care of yourself..
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Ouch. Feeling for you.
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Best of luck, I would make sure you can see the best dr.s you can find.
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Thanks guys I appreciate the well wishing.

For those out there monitoring all of our injuries here are some stats:

35, M, 185lbs, level 7-8 skier, I usually work out on a daily basis with heavy weights (best for reps: 405lb bench, 495lb squat, 585lb shoulder shrugs, 765lb leg press) and have for over 15years nearly continuously, but I have been away from the gym for over a year now (longest I have ever taken off). I also took off from supplementation and what I would deem a healthy sports oriented diet which I also have done continuously for years. I smoke cigars occasionally maybe once or twice a week, though lately its been only about twice a month and I do enjoy some spirits but dont do so every day. My diet is always protein rich.

Other things that I have changed as of late that may have contributed to my demise: I have been drinking more coffee lately than I have in the recent past. 2-3 x 24oz of coffee a day.

I dont know how long it takes for the bones to lose the density they gain from weight training and proper nutrition but I cant help think that had I still been on my normal regime this would not have happened.
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