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Custom footbeds

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Opinions on footbeds and their benifits
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If your answer to question 1 is NO, then you should not have to answer questions 2,3, and 4.

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Your'e right it is flawed. I should have had N/A options for the rest. I can't even view the result without voting and since I haven't used footbeds it will be skewing the results.
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I have had 2 pairs - can't tick 2 prices!!!!

Also effect on skiing - well pretty much have never skied without them - they were the first piece of equipment I bought(after gloves)....

I must say though that I really want someone to build skiing orthotics NOT custom footbeds....(correctional not supportive - unweighted casting please)
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I believe that the SuperFeet Cork insert is an unweighted casting type. To mold the footbed they have you hold your foot off the ground and then they mold around foot. They are pricey $150 US but early season you should be able to find them for $99.

Make sure that you go to a very knowledgeable boot fitter to get the proper fit though. Otherwise you've just wasted your money.

My $.02

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Unweighted are done lying on table I believe - so leg doesn't affect foot. Which is my problem - foot twists on bottom of leg.
To build me a walking orthotic a special slow set plaster is used for the casting, allowing my foot to be realigned to my leg as the casting is taken.
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Which footbeds cost more than US$200 : :

I thought mine were hideously expensive at $90
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kiwiski - my walking orthotics were nearly $200 oz dollars EACH FOOT from memory - they have almost maximal correction built in & are the newest technology - so they are MUCH thinner than my previous edition - read they fit in running shoes JUST if I buy one with good depth
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i got mine for $30 for the pair
love them like crazy...
got another pair for daily use too so i don't mess up my skiing foot beds [img]smile.gif[/img]

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