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Current Big Sky Condition

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Heading out to Big Sky this weekend for a week with the family. I've heard it is pretty thin, but know they have gotten some snow in the past few days.

I know my son and I are going to be bouncing off of rocks up on Lone Peak - you do even in the good years, but how are the groomers that my wife and girls are going to be skiing?
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Between 10 & 20" new over the last week, 10" new last nite. Skiing today was great. Supposed to remain unsettled and relatively warm through the next 7-10 days. The skiing is good right now.
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Conditions are fine in Big Sky!

SkiDuluth, the peak is in great shape. To the skier's left of the snow fences towards Liberty Bowl are some rocks. Stay to the right and you can get into Liberty and to the Yeti Traverse with ZERO rocks.
Lenin is in awesome shape, so are Dictator 1 and 2. Marx still has some hidden rocks in the top area.
To the groomers: Tippy's, SilverKnife, Elkpark Ridge, Bighorn, Lobo, Calamity Jane, Crazy Horse are nice. Actually pretty much the only sketchy lift is Shedhorn. All the runs of Southern Comfort are nice too!
So, if you have any question to the conditions, step by the ski school and ask for me. If I have time I will come along for a run or two.
Safe travels,

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If you have a day head up to Bridger Bowl. Its been blessed the past couple weeks with a couple good dumps of heavy snow. Coverage is good on almost the entire mountain......I'm skiing on my good skis. More snow is predicted to be on the way.
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I'm coming down on Sunday. My dad and brother are coming, this will be thier first time at a large resort, so I'm hoping it stays below freezing so the snow is nice.

What are some good long blues and maybe some easier blacks we should hit?

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Originally Posted by apowers View Post
What are some good long blues and maybe some easier blacks we should hit?
Are you looking for groomed runs? If so, I prefer the groomed runs on Andesite Mountain because they don't have long run-outs at the end. The two I recommend for warming up are Big Horn and Elk Park Ridge. Both have a good pitch to them with Elk Park Ridge being the steeper. Be careful on Elk Park Ridge because the steepest part is right at the end when your legs are getting tired.

Other good groomers on Andesite are Hangman's, Tippy's Tumble and Silver Knife with Tippy's Tumble & Silver Knife both having a good pitch.

If you're looking for some bumps or steeps to ski I recommend warming up on the south side of the Lone Mountain Bowl. The areas closest to the lift get fairly moguled. To get to smoother steeps take the Turkey Traverse.
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I made it up to Big Sky on opening day when one run was open, so I am way behind on my Big Sky skiing (stupid job loss!). How is the newly leased stuffed from the Yellowstone Club?
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Thanks for the help Rio.
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