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Originally posted by Powdr:
What I don't understand is that if one is to spend his/her hard earned money and the only way to do it is plan weeks in advance, why not go with a snow safe area? There must be places on the east that traditionally have better conditions (further north?) that would provide a better experience. And if you can't find anything on the east, there are places in the west that ALWAYS have good conditions (Alta, Targhee). I would then only visit the iffy places when I could get away at the last minute and ensure better conditions.


Powdr, Powdr, Powdr...if there was such a thing of a "snow safe" area in the east this post wouldn't have started as we all would be skiing there. Our "safe" areas are all getting more rain than snow so far this year. Even Tremblant (where aver temps are always well below 0 in January) was low 40's last week with rain. And while we all envy your feet of snow : , most of us would just be happy with some full coverage man made, maybe even a little ice on top (god knows how us new englanders like to use our edges) just so we could justify paying $60 - $70 for a lift ticket.