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Unusual binding question

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I was asked by a friend who likes to tinker with things. His question to me:

Which binding manufacturer makes the narrowest bases (outside measurement) - not toe to heel but across from left to right?

Not something I have given much thought to over the years as long as my boot fit in it. I can only measure the few different bindings I have on my boards so I thought I'd put it out to the public's opinion/experience.

Sounds like he was concerned about the outside measurement and not the inside width.
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i am not completely sure on differences on width, but i do know that compared to ski boots, snowboard boots are much wider. Usually the manufacture of your boots will make bindings that will fit (which makes sense). the only problem i have ever had about boots not fitting into bindings is if the boot was old (the one i had problems with was an ancient airwalk boot fitting in a salomon pk binding). That problem was that the binding was not big enough, i have never ran into the problem of the binding width being to large. regardless of the width of your binding, when you crank them down on your boot, it will pull the boot toward the side of your binding a little, so it will jam it into the corner (unless you correct it)
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by base does he mean the metal or plastic against the top sheet? or the screw pattern?
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