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Lost Snowboarder

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Saturday the 16th of Feb. will be 1 week that a Mt. Bachelor employee went Snowboarding West of the NW Territory chair. Ski Patrol started looking for her just after the lifts closed. There is not a trace of her so far.
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Sure sounds like she's a goner.
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<font color="#0000FF" size="4" face="Algerian">Yes,I'm afraid
your right. Storm on the way Saturday night.</font></p>
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Yea, we lost one last year. It was a male snowboarder who was up by him self. His ticket was last scanned at the Lower Gondola around 10 am. Nobody realized he was missing until a maid at Motel 6 tried to clean his room like 3 days later. Most people thought he was lost off the backside, but his body was found inbounds in May. It was actually at the bottom of the Head Chutes.
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Lots of searchers on the mountain today. Also lots of people. No luck.
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please tell us when you hear about how she is. I hope everyone who reads this prays, though I can't say I have much hope.
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Here in Phila., the Inquirer is reporting that she vanished while standing in a lift line. Is this a kidnap or a skiing accident?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mrw:
Here in Phila., the Inquirer is reporting that she vanished while standing in a lift line. Is this a kidnap or a skiing accident?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I've searched through several stories in the Bend Bulletin and Portland TV stations they all came up with variations of:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> No trace has been found of Kate Svitek, an off-duty Mt. Bachelor Ski Area employee, who was last seen at the chairlift on the northwest side of the mountain <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

or statements that she became separated from friends. That's a little different from vanishing in a lift line. The northwest area at Bachelor is rather remote and full of glades and gulleys. It would be rather easy and is not uncommon for groups to get separated. The northwest area has been (and should continue to be) left somewhat undeveloped and wild.
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This story is from a Portland TV station broadcast on Tuesday:

Missing Snowboarder Died After Falling into Hole
March 5, 2002, 05:00 PM
By Jim Parker, kgw.com Staff

The state medical examiner has determined that a missing snowboarder on Mt. Bachelor died after falling into a tree well.

Kate Svitek, 22, "became uncounscious and asphyxiated," according to the death investigation report.

Ski Patrolers recovered her body on the northwest side of Mt. Bachelor Monday.

Officials said the body was found about on steep, icy terrain about 300 feet from where Svitek's friends last saw her. The Ski Patrol said it was a difficult recovery because
she was covered with about ten feet of snow.

Svitek, a Mt. Bachelor employee, was last seen Feb. 9 while snowboarding on the mountain. Her disappearance touched off a week-long unsuccessful search involving
dozens of volunteers and search and rescue crews.

Monday, due to warming conditions, the tip of Svitek?s snowboard was exposed. That allowed ski patrollers, who routinely search the area, to see it.

"It appears as though she caught an edge, on the snowboard, fell into the tree well and it appears as though a pretty substantial block of snow and ice landed on top of her
snowboard," said Deschutes County Sheriff Les Stiles.

There have been several similar cases at other resorts around the country where a snowboarder "fell head-first in the snow and essentially smothers and suffocates," Stiles
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