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Skis For My Daughter

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My daughter is almost 12. She's a big strong kid, 5"5" and 110 lbs. She loves to ski, mostly on groomed snow, but we get a lot of crud in Seattle, and in terms of her ability she can ski any black diamond with comfort, whether it's steep or full of moguls. I am thinking about stepping her up to a set of adult women's skis... is this crazy? And if not, what do you recommend? I've been thinking about the following: Vision 73, Attiva S4 and AC2, and the Nordica Olympia Speed. In terms of size I'd like them to last a while... is 156 or 158 too long?
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What skis is she skiing now? Given your daughter's skill level, she's probably ready for some adult level skis. I'd suggest she demo something; get with your friendly local ski shop and check out some skis. Once she finds a model that suits her skiing style, plunk down the credit card and make it happen.
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My daughter is 5'4" 120lbs was on some 1080's in a 150cm. I moved her up to some 157cm B2's this year. The B2 is a fairly soft flexing ski, but she's finding them to be bit more work than her 1080's. So I'm not so sure if I made the right choice for her. We'll see if she adjusts to them, but if not I might have to look for something even softer. She's 15 and sounds like similar ability to your daughter.

I'd be very careful about getting something that is too stiff for your daughter despite her skills. 110lbs is still only 110lbs, just keep that in mind when looking for a ski.
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This is a relevant posting for me, I am the same height and about the same weight (115 lbs), although a bit older (turned 30 last year). I was looking to purchase Snoop Daddy skis in 163, would these be too long for me? I am fairly advanced skier, not into cliff hucking but enjoy skiing offpiste.
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So I decided (with some helpful feedback - thanks) that 158 cm was too long. I bought her the Vision 73 in a 153 cm length. They may last a year less until she outgrows them but she'll be happier in the meantime.
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I should have been reading more here, but I just bought new skis for my daughter, too.

She is 14yo, 5-7, 115lbs, likes to ski, but a very timid skier, and is improving.

She was still using 140cm Atomic Race 6 jr skis, a very typical junior ski sold around here. I moved her to Rossignol Passion IIs, in a 147cm. Given her skill level, I decided to push her along at least a little, but stay on the short side. The Passions are definitely an intermediate ski, but not sure how stiff they are.

Any opinions on this choice? She hasen't skied them yet, but so far she likes the graphics... :


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