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Your best Day on Skis Ever!

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Just a counter point to the worse experience ever thread.
With all the injury reports and Bear down reports and the Tragic news from over on TGR We need an thread to remind us of the pure joy of when you point them down into the fall line.
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No kidding!
It seems that every time I ski, I say........"This is the best ski day ever!"
It would take an awful lot to make a ski day bad.
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How about a best week... 1st week Jan '06 in Whistler. POW nearly every day during their epic January.
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Vail a few years ago in Feb. At 9:30 AM they had 12" of fresh, by the time the sun came out at 2:15PM they had 14 more inches. If that wasn't enough, we got picked up by an Mt. Ambassador at 9:15AM for a 2 hour tour, he was having such a great time with us he skied with us until 2:30PM, (read; cut lift lines) he bought us lunch at Two Elk also.
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So hard to say. There have been soo many.

As a kid...an Epic dump day at Camelback where we poached everything, every list line we could find.

Camelback's first "all night ski"

A spring day at Mt. Snow, we skied in shorts and T-shirts, huuuge bumps all over. My wife said I was delerious by the end of the day, just giggling.

Hitting MRG after a during a huge dump, fresh tracks all day

Hooking up with a local at Alta for a powder day

Hatchers Pass AK for a 25k ft day of Cat skiing

ESA east at Stowe this year..the Friday when everyone ran into each other and meeting with people I just knew from on line

Those are just a few that come to mind quickly
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About 5 years ago I was wooing a woman who I knew was a skier. I didn't know how much she liked to ski though. I invited her to go with me to Stevens Pass one beautiful, warm spring day. As we began to ski I realized she was for real. She went EVERYWHERE and asked for more. I remember saying to myself, "I'm in love!" over and over again.

We're still together.

For pure skiing, though, it was a day in January 2002 when I skied about 7 feet of unpackable cold smoke all day at Mt. Baker. It was like fresh tracks every run. I was still getting face shots on the last run of the day.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

ESA east at Stowe this year..the Friday when everyone ran into each other and meeting with people I just knew from on line

Those are just a few that come to mind quickly
I'll second my vote for that day.
Mid December Spring skiing, with nothing but smiling faces and good attitudes all the way around!
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Summer skiing in Zermatt and Tignes
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See Isn't this a nice little love fest So much better then all the doom and gloom Horror stories. I just love my little Pollyanna world.

One good day was right before the 2002 Olympics I ride up with a guy he ask me for some directions we get to talking so I say follow me I'll show some of the goods. We skied the whole day together great guy good skier. He was an FBI agent assigned to security for the games. At the end of the day he gave me a FBI Pin. they were one of the most coveted pins for trading.

before my ex turned into the evil woman almost any day cruising the blues with her was fun.
New Years day a couple of years ago everyone hung over and sleeping in two foot of Utah best and lightest. All under a crystal clear blue bird sky
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Powder day at (would you believe) Red Lodge Montana. Five feet of fresh and light. Found a run that produced over the waist and in the face every turn right by a lift. This was the first time (and unfortunatly the last time so far) for face shot deep powder. You see I am from Minnesota so powder is largely a matter of chance on my annual trips out west.

What really made my day was the the locals riding the lift up shouting out "oink oink" as I was deep in it. It warmed my heart and swelled my Minnesota head to be accepted into the local clan of the powder hogs.

Praying for Utah powder the week of March 9.
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Originally Posted by Utah49 View Post
We need an thread to remind us of the pure joy of when you point them down into the fall line.
We do? I get reminded every time I point 'em.
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For me, it's not actually the epic pow days, but the day when both my kids told me that skiing is their absolute favorite thing to do...My 9 year old (it's actually his ninth b-day today) even told me this last week that he likes it even more than his gamecube.
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I could never come up with the "best day ever", because so many have been outstanding.

For example this Saturday was a good day. I was driving to the local hill and got hit with a strong snow squall. By the time I got to the hill, they received well over a foot of light, fluffy powder. In some places in the bumps (with some help from high winds) the powder came right up to my knees.

It was definitely the best experience at my local hill. Yet some complained to the owners that they should have groomed a few runs because they could not ski the deep snow. I guess you can never make everyone happy.
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#1.Thanksgiving weekend Alpine Meadows 1994 3-4 feet of the light stuff.
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There are just so many. But they all have a few things in common:

the feeling that it's effortless
looking back up what scared the bejeebers out of me a year or a week ago and thinking, "wow, that was fun; lets' do it again"
dancing with gravity and lots of giggles
at the end of the day being overwhelmed with gratitude for being able to experience so much joy.

It's usually all good, but there are some days when it just clicks and it's magic, and it rarely matters if it was powder, dumping, blue bird, frozen, thin cover or bony, with loved ones, alone, ice bumps or trees, big resort or local hill.
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From the eyes of a strong intermediate.

Hmm. That would be the day that I found myself skiing faster than most of the people at my local hill. The day that every run felt easy. No run was too steep. I skied as fast as my wife and my friends (who normally leave me in the dust). I laughed at hard snow and thought, "who needs grooming". The day that I realized that I am a halfway decent skier. The day I found myself knocking on the door of "advanced".

That was today.

Say, I like this sport!
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Best day? How about two?

About four years ago at Steamboat, right before Christmas. Met a local at the statue at the Gondola, arranged here on Epicski, and found thigh deep powder at the top of the mountain. First day to ski the trees while being pushed to try new things. Also discovered that those bumps that I hate are great fun when covered in that much snow. Plus fresh lines through the end of the day; there were only a few inches at the base and no one showed up.

The other would be New Years Day a couple of years ago at Snowbird. Nearly two feet of light snow. I felt like a god that day. Utah49 may have already claimed this day above, however.
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It's truly a special reward when "The Queen of The Hop" and i ski with our adult kids and all The grandkids .

The whole extended family skis so We annually host them all for a week in Adirondacks @ Xmas and then we all travel to our daughter's home in the Berkshires. My son and his family from Manhattan and my Bro in law also tags along for both weeks

While in New England and do the Berkshires and places in NH during President's week .The grandboys ( 12/10) can rip the blacks now

The grandchickets (6/6) are just starting, but have no fear .Luckily they both think that grampa is only 8 : ( so does the Queen BTW ) so it all works out.

Making memories ------------PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!!

Another is our annual guys week in Tremblant . The same group of guys HAVE been doing this one since THE 90'S
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Brandon, You can also have that day. I'm more then willing to share the good stuff. I lived and skised in Park city for nearly 10 years Thats was by far the best I ever skier at PCMR.
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You can get pretty blase` when you teach, on skis every day. But January last winter featured a day I don't think I'll ever see the equal of again.

It was my day off, and I had a nice sleep in (I like sleeping). A blizzard had started up in the morning and quickly got thick and busy. I had a leisurely breakfast, decided the weather was too yucky to hit the outlets, and so wandered up to the resort instead. People were coming off the mountain. So I got my stuff and headed up, planning a token few runs and then some shopping.

The snow was already surprisingly deep, and it was falling so thick you couldn't see very far. Lightish stuff, too. I'm scared of heights, so this lack of visibility made me braver. So I headed for Jupiter, via Pioneer lift.

Well, I decided to do one run off that lift, on 10th Mountain. It was magic, through the trees. No one had been down that way in ages, so it was all untouched and deep. So I did another run, and another, each time taking a different line. Then I did the steep line off skiier's left, and the whole lot slid. Brilliant! It was like skiing in a river. so I did a few more.

Eventually I tore myself away from Pioneer and headed to Jupiter. Getting off at the top, I felt I ought to hike (one always hikes at Jupiter) but the snow was waist deep and I shuffled towards Ho Chi Minh trail before giving up and heading straight down. Again, everything slid with me. It was really steep but I didn't dare stop with all that snow rushing, so I flip-flopped all the way into the trees, had a stop, and then continued on.

Up again, tried the right side this time, same sliding thing.
Then I went over toward Scott's and went through the little valley in the trees before that. More sliding! This was fun. Then fanned out next run to the right of Scott's. So Patrol eventually hosed me off Jupiter as they wanted to close it. They evidently didn't know the snow had been misbehaving on the steeper slopes.

Snow was still nuking down, freshies everywhere. Took Thaynes up, and skiied some there, and again they were closing everything, so headed down Bonanza, got some speed up and got to the top of Silver King. No one had touched it! It was groomed the night before, and now had DEEP snow on it. No marks, nothing.

So my last run was down deep, smooth snow over no lumps.... speed was the order of the day. I got snow up my jacket, up my snout, everywhere.

What an incredible day. I've had powder before and since, but nothing like the sustained excellence of this blizzardy January day. They reckon snow sliding like that is dangerous, but it didn't seem dangerous, it was so loose and dry.
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* Magic in March - early 2000s, with tons of snow. Tremendous deep snow in the glades of Twilight Zone, Witch and Master Magician. Pinball ride after pinball ride to oblivion on Lucifer's double fallline, with fresh, then crud, then big soft bumps til my legs gave out

* first day skiing at Solitude about 10 years ago. First time in BCC - guns going off in the distance blue blue sky, fresh snow, burgers outside of mid mountain - awesome.

* SB same trip similar the next day I think. Helping a buddy get up out of the pow.

* The day I did my first BC@Alta/SB/Brighton/Solitude. Scary, exhausting, exhilarating and tremendously fun.

* Snomass - learned about my old buddy's heart attack while skiing about 20+K vertical with him - inspiring. Also Highlands same trip skiing Steeplechase with the same guy.

* Heavenly skiing trees and Motts for the first time on a bluebird day

* Okemo weekend with my mates at a friend's huge slope side condo back in the 80s. Getting my acid washed jeans covered in snow from falling (was learning skiing in those days). Coming back to a great night of partying with 20+ 20 somethings and sometimes sleep in between waking up from snoring .
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
No kidding!
It seems that every time I ski, I say........"This is the best ski day ever!"
It would take an awful lot to make a ski day bad.
Every day on snow is a good day but the days I get that big grin is the epic powder days after a big dump . It is so hard not to contain the big grin and joy you feel.
These days don't happen enough . Any day on skis is a good day in my book .
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I am going to say today. Seriousally but here are some days that stick out to me.

Blue Knob March of 05 Sweet day with 3 close friends

April 1st/05 Powder day at Seven Springs

Oct 25th Hidden Valley 16 inches of snow and the first time I earned my turns.

December Powder day at Jay Peak lighter than any Utah storm I have seen

MRG day last February with Alfonse

April 06 first deep day at Snowbird

December 17th 06 Deepest day I have ever had.

then today TR is posted up had more fun today than I have ever had in my life.
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To have Hidden Valley make the list provides us "banana belt" skiers' support that sometimes we really have superb skiing. I remember your post when you hiked for your turns at Hidden Valley. I'm sure the epic days ahead for you now that you are in Utah will surpass the skiing enjoyed in Pa. But great memories are great memories and its great you had one back home. By the wat we're in the middle of a storm right now that promises to drop at least a foot at Seven Springs and Hidden Valley.
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Too many to remember! Some of the best days are the unexpected ones (low expectations perhaps) where everything clicks into place, but I tend to remember the powder days. Our family trip to Snowshoe WV last year happened to coincide with the blizzard of 06. The year before that, we went in early April and had a day of wonderful spring skiing followed by a 17" powder dump. Year before that I holed up in a cheap hotel the night before a similar spring powder dump. If there's a theme here it's that spring can bring some fantastic snow to West Virginia. Of my 20+ days a year, timing it to hit those powder days are the best by far.

I have a lot of wonderful memories skiing Sugarbush and MRG in the 1990s before I moved down south. I can remember blasting down the North Lynx trails at Sugarbush after a big snow dump, on my new Elan MBX 200 cm skis in the early 90s, and that was a feeling I will never forget. Those trails somehow got more snow than the rest of the mountain during that storm, and it was phenomenal. The next day I hit MRG, and was giggling the whole time I skied some narrow trails through the woods (despite fighting to manage those long skis in tight spaces).

In the late 90s, I was in Park City in April when we had 8-10" powder hits every night and mild sunny weather during the day. That was a spectacular combination. The lower mountain got mushy, but up higher the snow stayed light. I recall floating down a trail, and coming around the corner to see a lodge at mid mountain with music playing and the smell of burgers frying. Great day! That was the same trip where I shot off a cornice without knowing it, and didn't realize what was happening until I heard other people commenting as I aired it out big time....
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December 28 1996.

I was doing a season in Chamonix. Massive dump on the previous night woke up to it still snowing. Stopped for a rest at lunch and bumped into my boss who said he was going right to the top of Les Grands Montets, visibilty lower down (Bochard) was totally zero so I didn't think we were in fo much up top (skiing on a glacier in such conditions is never that great due to obvious reasons!). They were only letting a handful of people go up as you had to have a mountain guide with you. 5 mins into the trip we popped out of the cloud into picture of pure heaven. We skiied the backside in what was without doubt the lightest and deepest snow I have ever come across a snorkel would have been very useful. A mate of mine some pictures; one which just showed my head and hands popping through a wall of snow and another with pulling up wearing a snow beard.

I remember skiing and thinking to myself I don't think it can ever get any better than this, 10 years on I am still waiting to experience a better day!

I am off to Chamonix for the month of march to lets hope I get it this time, although if it carries on like it has been then I think I will still be waiting!
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Originally Posted by skier219 View Post
Some of the best days are the unexpected ones (low expectations perhaps) where everything clicks into place, but I tend to remember the powder days.
So true..we hit a day at Hickory in NY that was that way...I still smile about that day.

I think there will be a few of these "Best Days ever..." this week in the Northeast this week.
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Phil you need to start a thread " Your best day in a Ski Shop Ever" or " How MasterCard upped my limit on the spot."
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Back in the 80's I shared a run down old cabin with a bunch of other ski nuts near Sugar Bowl. It's about two days before New Years and it starts dumping. Snows all night and we wake up to 3 feet of new and still coming down. Hard. Check the radio, I-80 is closed. The back roads to the Bowl are unplowed. Six of us load into the one 4x4 pickup we have and somehow make it over to the resort. I'm the only one without a pass and the ticket window is closed. We get to the lodge and they're running Lincoln but that's it. Takes me 15 minutes to find someone to sell me a ticket.

It's one of those days where if it got any worse you couldn't see, but it's not quite there yet. We divide up into two groups of three. After a couple of runs we decide that one particular run is best and we just start looping it. It's snowing so hard our track are completely covered when we get back. Hammer it all day, never see another skier, never see any tracks. Unreal. Bottomless all day. I don't think there were more than 10 people on the entire hill that day. My best.
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My best day on skis would have to have been my first. Without it there would never have been a second or third, or.... etc, etc, etc, weeks, months, years.
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