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How long will you wait?

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How long will you wait to ski? Will you be skiing opening day or wait for better conditions?

I have not skied opening day in a couple of years. Usally wait until Mid-November, but this year may have to go sooner.

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im dying, here. definitly opening day, sooner if I dont get caught!!!

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mammoth is sceduled to go 11/8. have been contemplating heading up that weekend, giving myself a 40th b-day gift, but we'll see how the snow goes. just as likely i'll sit tight, hope for cold so mtn. high can shoot some winter onto their hill. (heading to moorea over thanksgiving and if i haven't skied by then, THAT'S what i'll be thinking about while beached.)

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When Kirkwood opens i will be there the first day the last day and Hopefully 60 days in between. :
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I think the snow conditions for the first day on man made is usually exceptional for what it is. Snowmakers have gotten real good at dialing in their craft. They let their snow cure which basically amounts to letting moisture evaporate while it sits as a whale pile. After that first day it kinda goes downhill (pun.) It turns into pirate snow; it's harrrrrrd.
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I will ski opening day at Mammoth. Last year that was Halloween, and it was awesome. I will then ski there almost everyday until spring, when I will spend more time in the backcountry.
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Why wait until "opening" day?
(Foot of freshies Tuesday at Jay.)
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I think opening day is a good reason to skip work as any, it looks like that is going to be Oct. 25 at Keystone.
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It's still a loong way here...
Opening day is usually DEC 7-8...

I hope I'll be skiing on that day...
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Hi my fellow ski nuts! It sure feels good to be back in the skiing mode!

I rarely go opening day! It's usually man made snow mounds that have been pushed around to cover only one or two trails. The consistency is that of large hard snow marbles. Not conducive to having a good time.

The last time I went skiing opening day was quite a few years back at Killington. The snow conditions on most of the trails were OK, but all the converging trails were scraped down to muddy mushy snow and rocks. Needless to say the bottom of my skies didn't fair to well. Fortunately I was using my "rock" skis..

The only exception to this rule is if we're blessed with a large dump of natural snow ! Than I'm at the slope as early as possible, get some runs in, get the ski rust and cobwebs out of my system and leave when the crowds with their new untried equipment arrive. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I suspect we'll be out on opening day for both Loveland and Copper Mtn. We are supposed to get 8" tonight above 9000 ft.!
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8" thats great. I heard the term "heavy snow" for this first time this season on the weather forecast. Yipee!

Ryan I am very jealous, lets see where will I be for Thanksgiving... oh yes Missouri. Yes very similar to Tahiti. People have a hard time picking between the two. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Loveland opens next week - I'm there on opening day. I'll be skiing two to three days a week from then till Abasin closes.

All Bears. Anyone who's skiing CO during the week, drop me a line. Always looking to meet some new ski friends.

I rode with HH and Diana today. They'd love to hear from you all.

HH's email is h.harb@worldnet.att.net
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My first day of skiing last year was 10/13 when Big Sky opened. They got a foot today. Last season, the best conditions were backcountry before the resort opened. Kind of feeling the same this season, but hopefully it keeps up all winter.
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Well I did get in 2 runs so far, looks like it till Dec

Who's still waiting?
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Timberline opens today. But,$31.00 for 1 chair and alot of Snowboarders,I don't think so. Mt.B on the right side of the Mts. will,should,better,has to open on the 17th.,secret. Guess I'll wait till then. Besides that's free to ski.
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If you want economy you gotta pay for it.
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There are somethings in life worth waiting for.
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I like to at least wait until the mountains are at least snow covered, it's good for my pyschological state. Looks like good ole CO is finally set for the snowcovered peaks to stick around, with this last storm and another coming early next week!!
I'll probably head up next weekend to Keystone, they usually have the most runs open early season.
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It is always Opening Day, until Closing Day. Unless I go hiking with my son. And then it's 50 to 60 days in between. When ALTA lifts the gate, I'll be there.
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I was just at a shop with a friend who dropped off his skis to get some work done. The guy at the counter said he waited 1.5 hours in line at Keystone this past weekend. Hmmm...I may go up for grins on a weekday but I think I'll wait a bit. Besides, the Front Range has had some awesome blue sky 65 degree road biking weather.
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As soon as an Area opens in the NW I'll be heading that way. Opening day if I can make it or the first weekend day for sure.
Making turns on a groomer is better than not making turns at all.
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