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I will have the 'oppurtunity' next year to work a season in the US and have shortlisted the areas I am interesed in that will process the H2 visa required for a non-US national to work: Aspen/Snowmass, Vail, Snowbird, all Park City resorts.

Done a fair amout of research already and I'll be contacting the resorts anyway, but some first hand knowledge would be really appreciated. Wondered if any non-US nationals (or US for some of my questions come to think of it!) have any experience to share of -
1. The whole process of applying including the resort sorting out the visa
2. Staff accomodation at any of the above - does any exist, where is it in relation to the hill, and if not where do staff generally stay, e.g. Avon/Edwards for Vail?
3. Competition for jobs - i.e. I talked to a personnel guy at Deer Valley 3 years ago and he appeared to be very amenable but comparatively at Snowbird I think there are less jobs to go round to non-US nationals.

All help gratefully recevied. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum too.