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I was doing a little shopping for slaloms and noticed the huge difference in radius from brand to brand. I was surprised to see the extreme difference between full on race skis, i.e. the Head at 11.3 and the Fischer at 16. I had a pair of Fischers two years ago. Most recently I have been skiing on an even older pair of volkl p60 that were US Ski Team stock. They are awesome skis but have a nasty chunk out of the base. I was thinking about replacing them, not necessarily with another pair of Volkls. I like these volkls but doesn't know the radius since the don't put it on the website. After seeing the difference in radius between brands I am a little more worried.

Does anyone know the radius of the recent Volkls?

Are previous years Fischers (I think I skied the '04) the same as this years with a larger radius then most?