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Copper Mt. TR, 2-11-07

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Just a primer for LGC III! Eleven Bears at Copper Mt. today. Day started out with Dust on Crust & become better as the day progressed.
We all meet in the East Village, few runs off the Super Bee to start the Day.
Along with a few runs off the Alpine chair pre lunch.
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Weather was overcast w/snow most of the day, with temps around 28f. Snow all day on & off made for soft turns.
Roll Call, Cgeib, Mr.& Mrs.Vertical and sons, Mr.& Mrs. Don Denver, Mr.& Mrs. Lew Bob. Spdsker & friend ( who we did'nt get a chance to ski with).

Cgeib & Don doing some Edge work!
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Some of the better runs of the day included Spaulding Bowl off the Storm King Jay-bar, Cgieb was able to introduce the group to some of his Copper instructor friends & we were given a very nice mini clinic,along with a few Bump-O- rama runs!
Resolution chair offered some nice runs & views!
Once again Great Colorado Day with a Great Group of people. So one more reason if your thinking about joining in on LGC #3 to show up!
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Glenn, us gimps are looking to you for pictures from LGC3!
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Great Copper day!

Betsy and I had a great time and look forward to LGC 3.0 as well as a few turns hopefully prior with the gang. Wonderful folks, good laughter and some stellar turns enjoyed by all. And the most amazing thing of all…an entire table found fitting all of us for a 12:30 lunch__priceless!__

Thanks for the pics Glenn as we couldn’t believe we left our the camera at home. Oh, and please tell Mrs. Vertical I will be taking the boys out to the bars this weekend…and I’m a very good influence no matter what Mrs. Don told you.

BTW, I sent Cgeib a message asking him to thank Tom and Donnie for great instruction during their free ski time as it was really appreciated. Boy, those guys can sure scoot, that was a gas.

Good Skiing!
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Faisal, I will try & do my Best, but theres no way I could ever replace your skills in the Photo Dept. Am just another Jimmy Olson (think Superman) in the photo dept. Going to try some action shots at the next meeting.
Don, Thanks for sending an e-mail, the legs & knees were sure feeling the Love from yesterday. Funny thing, You think your a Good skier until you ski with people like Tom, Donnie & Cgeib.
Hope to get one more day in before this weekend & demo before we pull the trigger on a new pair of Boards. Were thinking Volkl Mantras,but we could be easily swayed, so many Good Boards out there to choose from!!
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Sounds like a lot of fun guys. Sorry I wussed out and didn't catch up with you all on Sunday.

Glenn, let me know when you go back up this week if you do. I'd like to make it back up one day before the weekend also. Who's looking for the fatter boards? I've got some new Head Mojo 90s that are fun. Mounted for a 295mm boot sole. If you're close to that you're welcome to give them a go if you haven't already...
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, Thurs or Friday Iam Game Car-pool & lets see if we can get a few more to join. (OK Dan?) More snow in the cast. Think my Boot is the 327mm, were going back to CS&G to see what kind of loaner program they can do for us
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