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east coast skiing

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where is the best east coast skiing right now. I have feb vacation from the 17 to the 24 and no plans. What is good for skiing. looking at the new england area and maybe East Canada
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The Loaf is due to get hammered in a few days.
If it does, go for the Loaf.
If the storm fizzles, Mad River, Stowe or Sugarbush are the places to be.
Canada is not worth it right now.
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good call on pico- no crowds ever.

that said, anything sugarbush-north has recovered considerably from a horrible start- sugarbush and MRG are in very good shape. stowe and smuggs are as well (stowe/mansfield snowstake- up on the mountain- is how the locals gauge snow conditions- it's at 55" or so- about average) which is good, considering it was Waaay below average a month ago.

if this storm comes through- well, anywhere in northern new england is gonna be in great shape. if i were you, i'd be at sugarbush, MRG, stowe, smuggs, or jay in VT. canon and wildcat in NH are doing well. sugarloaf in maine will be awesome if this storm rolls through- they're gonna get the most of the coastal low (though northern VT may get alot too from lingering, but strong upslope snows for a day or so after the big storm rolls out to sea)

head north.
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Be aware that your dates are a vacation week for school systems in NY,MA, CT and who knows where else. I am going skiing the same week and we are heading out to Saddleback, Sugarloaf, Mt St. Anne and Le Massif in an attempt to avoid crowds. We are going to end up at Jay Peak to meet some friends but I know they will be a bit crowded.
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