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So.. Utah got some snow

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Deer Valley reported 13 inches overnight and it snowed hard all day. Alta's reporting seven and they're usually accurate, unless they underreport. It's still dumping pretty good, and we expect good things tomorrow. It rained in town at PC but turned to snow once on the mountain. Skiing wasn't the best today (I was at DV) because a foot of wet fresh wasn't enough to cover the ice mogels underneath (It rained before it snowed) and then the groomers got piled up with crud that was tricky to ski- GSing it meant getting launched a lot. The best snow, as always, was off piste, up high, wherever there were fewest moguls underneath. Knee deep in spots. Basically, however, what we had today was a base renewal storm- wet, thick and very very, welcome.
Here's a visual aide with natives doing a snow dance.
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Thought I was going to get a pic of DV conditions. Nice way to get a pic of your kid in, Yeah can't tell your a proud Daddy.
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How's this?
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How exactly do the employees (I hope) see where to ski in those Disneyland outfits? Glad its snowing!

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Can you imagine see one of those wild animals coming at you at a high rate of speed. Hey watch the horns buddy.
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ah yes Bucky the DV Ski SChool Mascot. No idea when they added the racoon. they have holes at eye level, thats how they see. Poor suckers of a first year instructor, must of pissed off thier supervioser, to get mascot duty.
One day i was working the Burns Snoflake lifts, was kind of a quiet day, i heard off in the distance a man scream, i look around, it's Bucky going down on the ground, double over in pain. Come to find out some person's kid did not like mascot, and nailed him in the , ah well i think you get the idea.. OUCH!
Glad to see Utah get some fresh snow, how was it up higher?
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Very interesting day. Snow was obviously not of the normal Utah variety today with densities far higher than normal. What was most interesting, though was that it was a very uniform consistency and it made for very easy turning (especially for us teleheads), as very little for-aft balance adjustment was needed throughout the turn. High level of resistance also meant you could point 'em much more downhill without so much active braking. Later, once packed down, it formed and bonded as a well needed layer on top of the battered base. Charts show more slop on the way next several storms, so better get used to it.

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Apparently the kids always punch them in the family jewels. We have been asked to ensure that our kids don't punch the mascots there (or anywhere). Thing is, people have to be tall to wear the mascot suits (so I'm safe) but it usually ends up being guys. Apparently they are very hot inside.
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One of my nephews wasa Mascot greeter at the Canyons fora season. The headpieces can get pretty heavy.
He would often come home with a very painful neck. He did get very good at dodging those low aimed punches.
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Just my luck. Got back from PCMR on Saturday night. A whole week of groomers and frozen crud in the morning and slush in the afternoon. Oh well, glad to see UT getting some much needed snow. Sounds like I would have been right at home in the heavy wet stuff you've been getting.
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wat r my chances of some pow 15-22 plz somesay i will atleast get to experience it even if for one day... if not i will be chillin in the park lol
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Here's some real pics. It's hard to shoot on a pow day because you hate to stop. Best day so far this year, for this one. These are at Park City. I bet the cottonwoods were great too.
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great pics, crabman

We skied Alta yesterday, which was fantastic with the new snow - catherine's area was good fun as was over off the Wildcat chair.

but I think it got better today over on Powder Mountain which was best day so far of my 2 week trip here... this morning particularly, no one there, and a little lighter than the fluff in Alta yesterday.

only downer - was a little too warm and all got a bit syrupie after 1pm - still when there's no one on the hill and there's plenty of fresh tracks to be had at 2pm who's complaining?!!

praying for more! hope all that can get out there do!
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thanks for the pics Mr C. Looking good with those Mantras pointing downhill
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Nice photos. I like the last one.

Thanks for posting!
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Originally Posted by staffpro View Post
wat r my chances of some pow 15-22 plz somesay i will atleast get to experience it even if for one day... if not i will be chillin in the park lol
Um, about half past three? Go down 2 blocks and turn left? um.
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