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Berkshire East 2-10-07

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IQ and I wanted to try Berkshire East and Saturday was the day. It's a bit of a drive and we arrived just before 9:00. We dropped our skis off at the lodge and met SkiMangoJazz to whom we were delivering some RX8 175s. The parking lot was no where near full and their was plenty of room in the lodge to boot up. We did a warm up run down Big Chief (don't hold me to trail names, I'm old and my memory is going) with Steve and his fiance. Big Chief is a really nice blue cruiser which was in fine shape. We then moved over to competition. After which SMJ and his fiance went to line up. IQ and I ended up doing quite a few laps on UMass down to War Dance. UMass hadn't been groomd and was a bit crunchy, War Dance was another really fun blue cruiser. Hooked up with the crew for lunch at which time the lodge was busy but not uncomfortably busy. After lunch we did a couple more runs off the triple and then IQ and I ventured over area around competition. After ski school obligations we hooked back up with SMJ, his fiance, and some other instructors. Though we couldn't keep up they were kind enough to wait for us at the bottom. I found the blacks at B'East challenging. Not so challenging I couldn't negotiate them safely, but they definately challenged my technique and wore me out by the end of the day. We probably quit skiing sometime aound 3:45. B'East may not have huge vertical but it's pretty much all fall line skiing with almost no run out. Overall, conditions were very good given the lack of assistance from Mother Nature. We had a great day.
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IceQueen and RISkier did great at the 'Beast, it is a skier's mountain. I'm sorry I had to spend so much time with the other instructors, but when they do clinics, I have to (and love to) attend. At the end of the day I just had this need to bond with a couple of them and have a beer, and felt bad that I split right away, but they had a long drive, and again, it's my new turf and I needed to be a part of it.

Berkshire East is a hidden Jewel, steep, not crowded and fun. Please don't come and muck it up, OK? We like it empty, go somewhere else and leave the trails to us. (Just kidding - come on down!)
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Definitely a skier's mountain. One of those best kept secrets.
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40 minutes door to door from my house. My kids love the mountain -- they run into friends and can safely ski and ride on their own. I bought passes for us this year so we plan to ski the beast quite often and I invested in a pair of clear goggles for night skiing!
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snwl, I'll be there every Saturday and Sunday, instructing and free skiing. Let's make some turns together sometime!

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Definately. We'll probably recognize each other as I've been up there on Sundays about 8 days a season for the last 2 seasons. With passes for the first time this season, I expect to be up there every Sunday, many Saturdays, and whenever I can steal away. I live in Williamsburg.... I'll PM you before my first day up there. Hope we have snow to open by mid-December at the latest!
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I was surprised to see this thread resurrected! We loved the B'east and will definitely be back this season, maybe we can get Hrstrat to come with us this time. We'll be in touch SMJ, and maybe we can do a few runs snwl!
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When the snow does finally fall at the beast-it's the best-you can find fresh lines all day and the lines are fun to boot. last years Valentine's Day storm dropped 2 feet on the mountain and we skied all day with only 20 or so people on the whole hill (the snow even kept the afternoon school groups away-ah the delightful Irony!).

The place really is one of the best mom and pop (well actually, now, Pop and Son) little ski areas-it's amazing the quality of skiing you can get in Massachusetts!

And all the local Bars serve BBC Shabadoo! What's better than that?

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The Beast is the Best!

I started making turns here when I was four years old! It is one of my favorite mountains in all of New England with or without snow. The steeps rival anything in southern vermont including Magic Mountain. Even during a low snow year there is plenty of snow making coverage. The lift lines are always short and every bar in the area has BBC on tap and that is a very good thing indeed.
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Welcome to epicski catsup! Look for the shaved head ski instructor with a short beard some weekend day!
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