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Tight Carved Turns with Big Skis

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I love to make tight carved turns, but I find that shortening the radius of my carved turns takes quite a bit of effort on my 180cm Apache Recons. I demo'd some 160cm Atomic SL skis and LOVED how easy and fun it was to make tight carved turns.

My question: It is it possible (perhaps with better technique) to easily make the kinds of turns I want to make on my Recons, or am I going to have to invest in slalom skis to get that experience?
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Your experience has already given you the answer to your own question: for tight carved turns, choose a slalomski
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I guess in some ways that makes me feel a bit better to know that while with great strength and angulation I could be making those turns, really its the ski and not me. Man those Atomic SLs were fun; made me feel like a real racer :-).
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I had the same question with my new skis. I am 205lbs 5'9" and skiing on a Contact 11 with a 17m turning radius.

I asked someone I highly respect to take a look at my skiing because my inside ski was not skiing a clean track and tell me what I was doing wrong.

His answer was "you are on a bunny hill, you have your skis up very high on edge, your hips are only a foot above the snow, you are hogging out a path with the inside ski trying to carve a short radius turn with long radius skis and you have to ask me what you are doing wrong? Do you have to beat yourself up all the time? Do you have to get a gazillion G's all the time? Lighter is better so back off the throttle!

Get two pairs of skis.
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Hey Pierre, good to hear you're feeling better. Ripping up the bunny hill on fixed heel gear.
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Out of frustration waiting for a chance to go to a bigger hill, I finally broke down and took my 190cm Machete McGs (turn radius in low 20s) out to the bunny hill yesterday. After two years or so of mostly short radius turns on a 13-m ski, I expected to find some differences. I did.

I noticed the inside ski required a little more attention, and clean initiation required a firmer but steady approach. I also found that I could easily get big tipping angles without the drama of very high g-forces. It was a little harder to get the skis to shoot me to the next turn however. From experience, maximum speed on this bunny hill is around 35 mph. I was able to make beautiful railroad tracks, and ski the slow line fast on the wider run. While doing so, carving back a little uphill to go around islands of trees, etcetera, I found myself in one corner where I needed to make a very tight turn. This tight turn would have required a very high lean angle, and with I did not have time to drop my CG far enough down to achieve that angle. I found myself making the turn on the front of one ski and skidding the tail a bit. Maybe with enough time and practice I would be able to anticipate the turn and set up well enough to get the required angle. I also found on the smooth slippery shinny snow that the edges did not have sufficient bite at my weight (165 lbs) to make super tight turns with these skis. The skis camber overpowered the grip when they were bent too far.

So yeah, get the right tool for the job.
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And I always wondered why I was so tired after doing SR turns...

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Yeah those guys leaving ruts 2-4 inches deep in the groom just ruin the run for everyone else.
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