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Poor conditions in NZ

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A few of you might be wondering why there has not been much mentioned about skiing in NZ. Well the conditions are not the best. This article appeared in a local newspaper on Monday 4.8.2003. We could get snow tomorrow, fingers crossed.


Christchurch: The multimillion-dollar South Island ski industry is weathering one of the worst seasons in 20 years, with one ski-field considering not opening at all.

A lack of snow had kept the Ohau Ski Area shut, proprietor Mike Neilson said yesterday.

"I've been in the industry 17 years and never been in this position before." Bookings at ski-dependent Ohau businesses were also drying up, he said.

Ohau's situation has been mirrored throughout the South Island, with most ski-fields opening two weeks behind schedule, and facing an uncertain spring with the Southern Alps in the grips of a "snow drought".

NZski.com spokeswoman Fiona Woodham said unseasonably warm winds had kept Coronet Peak and Mount Hutt from opening on time, while The Remarkables, a traditional late opener, had opened according to plan.

"There isn't a ski-field in New Zealand at the moment that wouldn't want more snow and more skiers. We can't build on the market if we haven't got more snowfalls," she said.

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research climate scientist Jim Salinger said the "snow drought" was caused by one of the driest Junes the South had had.

The highly weather-dependent ski industry could put a dampener on the South Island economy.

The tourism industry is warning profits could fall dramatically this year as a combination of weather and market forces put pressure on the ski industry.

Destination Queenstown chief executive David Kennedy said New Zealand's top tourist resort was facing its toughest winter in three years.

Unusually warm temperatures are likely to continue through winter, according to Niwa. - NZPA
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That'll teach you lot to let SATAN (also known as Bobby) work there! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Hmm, I wonder if this is a southern hemisphere thing?

Chile, while probably faring a little better than NZ, is nowhere near last years totals.

They've also had no snow for weeks, in what is supposed to be their peak season.

I'm hoping things shape up for my late August trip.

I hope they shape up for y'all down under as well. :
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I was up at Mt Hutt yesterday and it was pathetic. Only a few main trails are still open. This is supposed to be the height of winter but less than 20% of the area is open. : :
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Hi guys,

How is it going over there? : I'm heading over to Craigieburn in a week and a bit and I hope you are all doing lots of snow dances in the meantime.

Maybe I should bring some snow with me.
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I everyone,
I am heading to Portillo this weekend for a week of skiing. I have noticed they have not received significant snow since the beginning of July, besides the 6 inches last week. How is the snow holding up down there. IS there any prediciton of snow next week? I just hope that most rocks are covered by now.

Will anyone else be in Portillo next week?

LU WHOO [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Tell me about the problems, for the last two days I was hiding in the cat shop out of the weather. Today at least the winds have dropped.

Ohau opened on friday (or maybe thursday) I know this cos my old boss is down there & he was getting really bored.

Cheeseman is still sort of closed at the moment as well.
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