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I've got a couple sets of Scratches - FS's and BC's which should be arriving on Wednesday - and I need to mount some Salomon bindings on (810's - yeah I know, but I like them and they are CHEAP). Any mags in Minnesota have access to a Salomon jig for fatter skis? I have an older one from my days as a tech, but only for skinny skis. If you can hook me up, I'll be happy to bring some beer for the few minutes I'll need it...

I already messed up one pair : trying to freehand it with a jig I made out of Lexan, 2 and just don't want to chance it again. The toe is off about 1.5-2mm, and the heel is off about 3mm. Not sure if it'll matter or not... I'm kinda anal about my gear though, so I'll probably remount the binding halfway between the Modern and Freeride spot on my FS's.

Speaking of which, I see most people mounting at the Freeride line, but those guys are mainly riding BC's. Anyone riding FS's have any experience with the mounting points one way or the other?