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Starting out of the shack

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My coach and I were talking today, and he says that a good start can shave up to .5 off of a time. Now, even if thst isn't an accurate number, a good start is very important and I cannot seen to get mine down!!: Does anyone have anyu tips on how to practice and perfect a good kick start? Or, does anyone know another good alternative?


Post Away!
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Wish I could remember details ... but I'm old so I've stopped caring .. :

Anyhoo ... saw an article by one of the WC racers that credited much of the start technique success to ......

Spending time with an XC race coach! Took a few XC race lessons and the rest was/is history.

It was probably in Ski Racing Mag.
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Interesting... Ill look into that, It makes sense. Thanks
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But as the FastestManOnSkis what difference could it make?

other than having to change to ...

TheNewAndImprovedAndEvenFasterNowManOnSkisAsSeenOn TV ....
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Hey evan how about you worry about not falling on your buttttt:
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Practice with a wand if you can. Never could get the hang of it before I really looked at how it is done when the wand is in place.
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Some schools cant afford a wand is there a better alternative to an expensive timing machine. To practice on?
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A wand is just a wand... it can be a shaft, with a spring, mounted on a hinge.
It doesn't have to be attached to an expensive timing system!

But I used to time my athletes from the start to the first gate... gave them a lot of competition to see who could be the quickest! That really got them fired up for their starts!
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Hey Sean, how bout you spell Michigan right? :only two "i")

but thanks for the "butttt" tip anyway!
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One of our racers said something very intreesting at practice the othert day that I hadn't considered before. He said all races in the Midwest are won out of the start. Seemed like a bold statement at first but after some thought I think he is right on the mark. Our hills all start off relatively flat so the sooner you can get up to speed the better off you are. The best thing to do is practice over and over, dont be shy about your starts as some are. Too many people think that they are not a good enough racer to really go after a powerful start they think they just look silly. After all, how much could it help? TONS!!! The only thing you can do is practice them any chance you get. Look for small changes in pitch and do a start off of them, sooner or later the motion will seem more natural. Focus on the strong tricep move that gets the whole thing rolling. Now skate as hard as you can, like you mean it, don't leave anything behind. Repeat as necassary.
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Set your poles real good. Squat down a little bit. This part is hard to explain. You pull one ski back while throwing your upper body foreward. The foreward momentum of your upper body will throw you down the start, and pulling you foot back will keep your feet on the snow rather than jumping foreward off the snow. The key is keeping your skis in contact with the snow because you cannot push foreward if your in the air.
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