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Need inside info for Panorama

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Hi all, Heading up to Panorama, Kicking Horse and Fernie for a week in late Feb- Early Mar. Could you guys (and girls) help me out with some good runs, level 9 skier, and maybe some night life possibilities. Are any of the areas better than the others and why? Thanks, Brian
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pano: long groomed cruisers, on hill is very family, nice hot tubs, after ski drink specials, stuff for the kids to do etc. Has Taiton bowl, but it is 1000-1500 ft of good and 2000+ ft of blue cat track to the base and then 3 chairs and a walk back up

KH: oppiste of pano: not much groomed, steep, goofy lift system (4000 ft gondola to the top and one other lift that doesn't do that much) Great ski hill in a truck stop, not much on hill, not familly friendly, in town you have "new meat mondays" (just ask around).

Fernie: will be the best skiing on your life or good coffee drinking, If it snows and not rains, it will be amazing, if it rains, or has just rained, it will suck huge. a fernie trip is like high risk stocks. Can be great or you loose your shirt. one hill is a bit slow after skiiing, in town is nicer, but still a small town and a drive to the hill. Best overall bet of the 3 if you are looking for some groomed and some not.
If fernie is rain check castle out too. 1 hour away in alberta

Also check out banff as another trip option. No rain, less snow (then fernie, same as KH, and more then pano) bigger town, more options, 3 ski areas.
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Thanks, We are staying at Pano. but have rental cars and the rest of the group are staying at Fernie, so we will probably do a little traveling. Cant wait to find out about "new meat Mondays".
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Originally Posted by skibo View Post
Thanks, We are staying at Pano. but have rental cars and the rest of the group are staying at Fernie, so we will probably do a little traveling. Cant wait to find out about "new meat Mondays".
Huh??? You're with a group, but you're staying at ski areas that are three hours apart? Yeah... a "little" bit of traveling is an understatement. If you're up in that part of the world, why aren't you skiing Banff? The two biggest ski areas in the Canadian Rockies are in the Banff region.
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At Fernie 2 days last week. A real skiers hill. All types of terrain and off piste skiing. If you are a real level 9 skier you will love Fernie.
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I know the logistics are weird, but I didnt plan the trip, nor did I have to pay a dime. Im tagging along with a bunch of instructors ( my boss being one of them) and friends. Some are arriving on Sat., We are arriving on Mon.. Something happened with the lodging at Fernie, on the part of ski Canada ( according to my boss) but I could care less, just want to ski some pow.
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If you're going to be staying at Pano,I'd put Fernie on the backburner for another trip and combine it with Red,Whitewater,etc.Definitely hit KH (CPR Ridge will provide some nice challenge),but don't miss Louise and it's Back Bowls.Sunshine is worth a day trip and check out Delerium Dive.Mt Norquay is a little smaller than the other 3,but has some crazy sh*t.If they've got snow,it's not unheard of for folks to completely bypass Sunshine and spend the day at Norquay.A few trips down Lone Pine and North American should let you know how good a skier you are.
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We were at Panorama last week and were very happy that we took a day trip to Kicking Horse - way more snow, powder, and no rock dodging. Unless Panorama gets a bunch of snow, you're not going to be skiing anything but cruisers or moguls. Any of the Rockies trips to the north would probably be worth considering in addition to Kicking Horse.
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