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20" in the last 36 hours. The webcam looks like snow, but chair 5/solitude isn't running? What gives? And how is the snow?

I am heading up there Sunday or Monday.:
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This news is from the Kirkwood link so we are still awaiting live reports. I have a buddy skiing today and will give him a call later.

Chair 5/solitude is running which isn't terribly exciting news, except that it rarely shuts down, must be a mechanical.

The back side is closed and there is talk of winds increasing. Still I wouldn't mind being up there skiing some fresh sierra cement
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Well I am a long time lurker and newbie poster here on epic. I am getting the drift though, that Kirkwood isn't a hot topic here, or more accurately not many folks ski 'wood at epic. I'll slow down on the 'wood posts and read about gear and tuning, which has been really valuable here.

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Hey, I ski KW. usually on my way back from S@T or Heavenly. Believe me, we needed this past storm. Headed for Vail next week. Cheers.
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