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Hottronic battery replacement

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My wife has some Hotronics boot warmers that are six or seven years old. The batteries only last like 1/2 a day now. I'd like to fix them.

These are the ones that look like a little double "scuba" pack. I'm willing to bet that each has two of those sub-C sized nicads (like the hobby quality RC cars). I'm thinking if the plastics cans could be opened. I could just buy new cells and put them in (i'm very handy eletrically).

Anyone every done this? I'm trying to figure out a way to open the plastic cans without totally trashing them. Any ideas?

If not, any one know what's the best deal in replacement? I looked at the new battery packs which are different (more rectangular). The connector fits but I heard they need a different charger, which means it'd probably be just as cheap to buy a new kit.

Any other ideas for reviving the old ones?
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I think the 2.5 hottronic battery will work with that system, and you can still buy them.
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Are they NiCad or are they NiMH? The Power Plus series (like the 2.5 and 2.7)are NiMH and in theory they don't have a memory problem. If you have the even older NiCads I would recommend replacing them. The Power Plus have either red or blue tipped chargers depending on the models. If your charger is red tipped you can buy matching batteries (either 2.5 or 2.7) and they should work. You can still find them on the Internet.
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The bottom on one of mine came unlamented or something last week and all the internals are gone. Light, connector prongs, regulator, batteries  and the bottom cap etc..


So apparently the cans can be opened since mine did and there is no damage to the can. I have the same model you referenced "scuba" design 2.4v.


I'm looking for used ones but coming up empty. Thinking of repairing.


Found these http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3417641&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PPC&utm_term=3417641&utm_content=Exact&utm_campaign=PLA&cagpspn=pla&gclid=CJDmwr7Z0LUCFVNy4AodPH8AAA&gclsrc=ds


not sure if they are a match though.

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Nimh or NiCd batteries that have any life in them after 6 or 7 years are way past their normal life. If you got that much out of them the you've done really well. Just go buy a new set for heavens sake.
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They are for your wife........... the new E4  (white battery case, white charging connectors) last longer and give off more heat........... I bought a set for my GF and she loves them. When she doesn't ski I use hers as I have the "Scuba Pack" and a newer set of M4's........... the new E4's blow them both away........... I can only put them on level 3 for a few min before my feet are on fire at a windy 10 degrees ......... I also always use the boot glove with my Hotronics for a killer combo and no cold feet..............GF always hated the cold, and now never has an issue w/ cold feet and is VERY Happy.......... says she would not ski w/out Hotronics/ Boot Gloves........

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